Famous for delivering unique design projects with high-end standards, Pepe Calderin partnered up with Essential Home, DelightFULL and Mid-Century Club to create the ultimate dream home that captures the heart of the popular city of Miami. This majestic luxury penthouse project presents us with design excellency, top-quality pieces, and an incredible view of one of the most luxurious marinas in the city. Don’t miss out on the chance to discover this flamboyant design project that can also be seen as the ultimate dream home.

A Sneak Peek Of Pepe Calderin's Majestic Million Dollar Penthouse in Miami

Sorrounded by incredible views, this luxurious house bring the luxury lifestyle into every room through its bespoke details. The fourteen different spaces includes some extrevegant rooms, such as a billiard room/bar, a home theather/cinema, and a playroom for the little ones.

“Creating this project was so much fun. This was project to think out of the box and to manifest how great and limitless a space can be. Being free and have an open mind and heart for every project is my main creative process. I open myself to the unknown.”

Pepe Calderin

Besides its meticulous custom furniture and lighting choices, there is a third element added by the great Pepe Calderin that adds another dimension to the oveall design that is authentic and irreverant art pieces. All products in this luxury dsign were meticulously chosen, are of excellent quality and finish, from the top collections of brands like Essential Home, DelightFULL , and the new sensation Mid-Century Club… Welcome to Pepe Calderin’s Majestic Penthouse!

A Sneak Peek Of Pepe Calderin's Majestic Million Dollar Penthouse in Miami

Starting with the living room, we see a huge rug in shades of green with snake pattern contrasting with the black of the Marco armchairs and the white of the Fitzgerald modular sofa, two beautiful products from Essential Home line.  The glamorous look also features  a magnificent geometric statement wall with some beutiful gold lines and a costum fireplace design. However, between the opulant color palette and luxurious furnishings, the star of show are without a question the three sophisticated Botti pendant lamps by DelightFULL that were inspired by the american trumpet player Chris Botti. Considered as atribute to jazz music, this rounded pendant lamp is handmade in brass, and covered in a gold-plated finish.

A Sneak Peek Of Pepe Calderin's Majestic Million Dollar Penthouse in Miami

In the dining room, gold tones predominate in thie beautiful all-white background look. The bespoke furnihings includes a costum design of one of Essential Home’s best sellers known as Monocles sideboard, as well as the iconic Collins dining chair. According to Pepe Calderin, this is “space that has no boundaries and has endless possibilities” so he need to add a lighting design that added movement to this look and the Laine suspension fixture by DelightFULL was the perfect choice for the occasion. Inspired by the iconic era that brought so much culture to the world, this modern ceiling light comes to redefine what mid-century lighting is all about. With its body made of brass and its shade of aluminum, it’s simply poetic and extravagantly scenic.

A Sneak Peek Of Pepe Calderin's Majestic Million Dollar Penthouse in Miami

Dynamic, luxurious, eccentric…Three different qualities that describe Pepe Calderin’s fabulous bar and billiard room. Steping away from the neutral tones used in the open concept of the living room and dining area, this dark and robust space it’s all about showing the best of the rich black tone in different textures and details. With so much going on thoughout the space, the look needed a lighting fixture that is one of a kind and simple as the same time, a description that matched DelightFULL’s best selling Coltrane suspension piece. With a minimalist and industrial feeling to it, Coltrane is a simple suspended ceiling light, handmade in stainless steel, with a gold powder finish. This industrial pendant lighting design is the perfect fit for the most demanding setting.

A Sneak Peek Of Pepe Calderin's Majestic Million Dollar Penthouse in Miami

Going through the master bedroom, we can see a different environment from these common areas we have seen so far. This is a room where simplicity was taken as the main idea to create the overall look. Cleaner tones, without big patterns and colors, and a beautiful statement wall made with marble and wood wwas the perfect background to DelightFULL’s famous Galliano pendant lamps. These unique pieces feature a modern, sleek design that will complement the decor in any setting. The other point of interest of this look is the costum made bed design made especially for this project that Pepe incorpated. This furniture design was inspired by the lines of Essential Home’s Loren armchair.

A Sneak Peek Of Pepe Calderin's Majestic Million Dollar Penthouse in Miami

White marble, soft textures and light blue tone details is what makes this room design so special that makes you feel like you are in the clouds. The statement of the overall look is DelightFULL’s magical Cosmo chandelier, custom made in two different collor shades. Designed as a tribute to the mid-20th century race to space, Cosmo modern chandelier is inspired by space, galaxies and the planets that surround us.

Luxury Houses Book

Altough it doesn’t draw much attention, there is a second ligthing star in place, know as the Billy table lamp by DelightFULL, a functional and fun fixture that every kid will love. Customized in the light blue shade to match the boy’s bedroom design vibe,  this task lamp is one of DelightFULL’s most versatile pieces that brings out the essence of mid-century. With an extendable arm it can reach almost 24’’, making it the perfect reading lamp since it is very easy to adjust.

A Sneak Peek Of Pepe Calderin's Majestic Million Dollar Penthouse in Miami

Finally, we have the office, a more professional place where you can keep all the household distractions out the door. It’s a very spacious room, with two beautiful statues created from scratch on purpose for this project. It also features a gorgeous Scofield suspension piece and two Neil walll design, two high-end pieces from DelightFULL’s heritage collection. Its elegance and the fluidity of their shape blend perfectly into the sober modern home design of this space. Dark, modern, mysterius… this home office design by Pepe Calderin is the epitome of design and artistic excellence to boost your inspiration.

Check out the entire penthouse right here with a spectacular virtual tour!




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