Grab the cake, grab the candles … it’s Sinatra’s birthday!

It’s impossible not to know this name: Frank Sinatra. He was one of the top singers, actors, and song writers of all times, and even though he passed away, his soul will remain with us forever. On his birthday, we decided to do a special tribute, a special mid century anniversary, enlightened by the lighting design family inspired by him! Continue scrolling!

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A Special Mid Century Anniversary with Sinatra Lighting Family!

Francis Albert Sinatra, as known as Frank Sinatra, was a top American singer, actor and composer that enchanted everyone with his pure talent – and blue eyes! He was born on the 12th of December, 1915, and we decided to save the date and throw him a special mid-century party as a tribute of his magnificent career.

A Special Mid Century Anniversary with Sinatra Lighting Family!

DelightFULL, a mid-century lighting brand inspired by the jazz music industry, didn’t pass by his amazing talent and recognition, and the design team decided to create a special mid-century lighting family in his honor: Sinatra Lighting Family.

EH trends

A Special Mid Century Anniversary with Sinatra Lighting Family!

Sinatra Floor Lamp is an iconic piece of the luxurious lighting brand. It was the first lighting piece, the first piece of all the story DelifghtFULL has written for the past 10 years. This industrial style floor lamp was inspired by the music ‘New York, New York’ and it captures the essence of the environment of the typical American bars from the fifties and sixties!

mid century anniversary

Te floor lamp has three movable shades, so you can adjust the lighting and, even though it’s an industrial lighting design we’re talking about, it will pair up pretty well with other home style décors.

mid century anniversary

As you can see, Sinatra is a versatile Floor Lamp that will add a special glow to your mid-century and sophisticated living room décor!


This master piece is handmade in brass and aluminum, and you can customize so it’ll be unique, so it’ll be your own curate lighting design piece!

Choose a different color, finish and size and be amazed by the many faces of Sinatra Floor Lamp!

Sinatra Lighting Family has another member, and that is as great as the previous one, the only difference is that one is the star of your floor and the other is the star of your ceiling! It captures the same groove from the fifties and sixties, and it has this beauty vintage industrial design that you won’t resist!



The vintage industrial design suspension lamp is handmade by talented Portuguese artisans that still use ancient techniques, so design and craftsmanship can be elevated! Let’s celebrate Sinatra’s Birthday with style!

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