We’ve been through rough times. Stay at home. It’s important for you and for others. However this doesn’t mean that you cannot leave the inside of your house! Think positive: Spring is here, and Mathes German Design Store will help you renovate your outdoor décor, so you can spend some time outside relaxing! Continue scrolling! 

Mathes is a design store with more than 7,500 curated design pieces since fabrics, accessories, lighting design – and much more – from renowned brands all over the world! The showroom is located in Aachen, however due to current events, it’s closed for the safety of everyone. However, the online store is still working and the team of experts are waiting for you to give the best adices! The team is always updated with the latest design trends, so it can be able to provide you with the best high-end pieces – and also the trendiest ones! The company has a team of experts ready to advise you on the best deals! Today, Vintage Industrial Style Blog has decided to help you renovate your outdoor décor!

Outdoor Collection


An interior décor has to tell a story. A story of who you are. You home décor has to reflect yourself, and nowadays it has become more important to find the perfect balance between what we envision, the aesthetics and functionality. A place that can make your days better!

Fortunately, Mathes design company has a wide selection – over 7 thousand pieces – of outdoor furniture and lighting for your balcony or front porch. Are you ready to create the perfect set durante quarantine?

A Special Outdoor Décor Edition: It's Not Difficult To Do (WITH) The Mathes!

If it’s possible for you, try to work from home and avoid leaving the comfort of your house unless absolutely necessary, but keep contact with friends and family, work out and, most importantly, get some fresh air from time to time! You don’t have to always be closed inside your home office or living room, and today we’re showing you how to give your front porch a new look!

Mid-century outdoor pieces that just want to make us relax!


A Special Outdoor Décor Edition: It's Not Difficult To Do (WITH) The Mathes!


Anita Zrizzan


A Special Outdoor Décor Edition: It's Not Difficult To Do (WITH) The Mathes!

Spring means going outside and witness with our own eyes the beauty of change, however the most important thing nowadays is to protect ourselves, and we can still embrace this beautiful season, at home. We have to keep positive thoughts, and use this metaphor as the motto of our lives: if we didn’t have winter, spring would never had so much meaning.

A Special Outdoor Décor Edition: It's Not Difficult To Do (WITH) The Mathes!

We’ve showed you some projects Mathes made the difference, however the German online store has other product categories that you can check here.

The company is still helping interior designers and other design lovers doing their projects, even though the crisis we’re facing. Don’t hesitate and contact them directly:

E-MAIL: design-bestseller.de

PHONE: +49 241 470 301-14


A Special Outdoor Décor Edition: It's Not Difficult To Do (WITH) The Mathes!


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