Throw A Vintage Summer Party! 5

Friends, hot weather … nothing better than throwing a vintage summer party!

If you are a vintage design lover, this is the perfect article for you! Vintage Industrial Style ‘s Blog decided to collect the main ingredients to “bake” the perfect vintage party this summer!

There will be no other conversation topic besides your vintage design party!

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The Outfit

The outfit has to be on point! Summer season gives you the best opportunity to dress in a vintage style. The main reason for this is the fact that in summer you have a wide verity of colors and dresses option to choose from. The best way to style yourself vintage in by wearing a plaid pattern shirt and make a bow of the front part right on your waist. If you are not interested in making a bow then simply tuck your shirt inside. Pair this shirt with denim shorts and black leather ankle boots.


Let’s face it, a vintage garden party really isn’t complete until you have some bunting. Whether you opt for bright colors, pastels or a floral pattern, just make sure these gorgeous little flags are gracing your outdoor event. You can hang them from your fence or between the branches of trees for a stunning retro look!


It’s the iconic drink of every summer: lemonade. You can have it cloudy, pink, fizzy, alcoholic or freshly squeezed – whatever your favorite flavor, make sure you serve it up beautifully in a glass jug or bottle. Pour it into glasses, pop in some cocktail umbrellas and enjoy!

Paper Plates

The main event of any party is the food! Of course you have to serve the classics – ham sandwiches with the crusts cut off, sausage rolls and party rings – and make sure you hand them out on paper plates so everyone can have some. Get your hands on paper cups for drinks, and paper ice cream tubs too.

Traditional Games

Really make it a party with traditional vintage games. We’re talking skittles, skipping ropes and the ever popular hula hoop. You could just lay them out on the grass for everyone to have a try, or run your own mini sports day tournament. Don’t forget to buy a trophy for the winner!


As day moves into night you’ll want some lovely mood lighting in your garden, so you can turn your daytime party into an evening soirée. Pop some t-lights in pretty candle holders and scatter them around: on tree branches, on tables and along the edges of the garden path. Simple and divine!

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