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To be trendy is now easier than ever with these neon vintage signs. Pick up your favorite among our selection.

All you need is the right items such as Coca-Cola wall art, mirrors or signs for some fun Coca-Cola decorating. These retro Coca-Cola decor items will look great in your kitchen, home bar or even business.

Top 10 Neon Vintage Signs coca cola

This retro-inspired Las Vegas vintage sign is in our top due its strong message and presence on the road.

Top 10 Neon Vintage Signs

“We’ve got a sign at our store with 55 years of history pumping through its neon bulbs and equipped with a motorized, blinking arrow to boot!” Those were the first words of an email owner Matthew Dunkel sent last fall after reading a newspaper article about vintage sign photography.


neon sign

We absolutely felt in love with this Blue Swallow Motel neon sign and this classic car.

Top 10 Neon Vintage Signs

Take a look at this old 1950’s Ford Double-Sided Painted/Neon Sign.

ford neon sign

Check this old Sinclair dino gasoline porcelain sign with neon.



Harken back to the days of the golden age of cinema with this dapper neon Lobby sign. This well-preserved neon sign features a bold baked-on black and white painted finish, a simple, deco-style typeface and, unbelievably, the original neon tubing.

neon vintage sign

This awesome sign was in Jefferson, WI. It is for their drive-in theater. Ideal to watch a movie on a cool August evening.

neon vintage signs

The best time to take a picture of a neon sign is right around dusk. You have to run across this sign just at the sun is setting in Rockford, IL.

neon vintage sign

On the drive through St. Charles, IL, we pass this sign for Zimmerman Ford. What a fantastic sign. We just love the starburst with the multi colored neon points.

neon vintage sign

Choose from our selection your favorite neon vintage sign.