Discover here some of the best projects with antique chandeliers:

Mott 32 restaurant by Joyce Wang, Hong Kong
The recently opened restaurant in the basement of the Standard Chartered Bank landmark in Central, Hong Kong, has been earning rave reviews, as much for its modern Cantonese food as its dramatic interiors.
The larger private room has a collection of antique chandeliers hinting at the narrative of family heirlooms and heritage pieces. Custom slidefold doors, with textured glass finishing, open up a large private room for up to 50 guests. There’s an abacus-inspired chandelier with wood and metal beading over “Mahjong” dining tables, antique Chinese wall vases mounted on traditional English molding shelving; coral in vases, and mahjong-styled tables with emperor silhouette chairs in yellow suede upholstery.

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BEVO Bar and Pizzeria by Camdi Design & Bloom Lighting Group, Montreal
Located in Old Montreal, BEVO Bar and Pizzeria is an old style Italian restaurant turned trendy. Combining wood-fired pizzas with original cocktails, it offers fine dining seven days per week and a DJ Thursday through Saturday on two floors.
Bloom Lighting Group was enlisted to create custom lighting elements for the project. Among them, visually stunning smoked acrylic globes suspended throughout the lower level dining area and also a center piece antique chandelier hangs between the levels, allowing upper level diners to look down on a piece that is above the patrons downstairs. It is also made of hand forged wrought iron and has the same antique bulbs as the smoked acrylic globes below.

Brooks Brothers store by Stefano Tordiglione, Hong Kong
Many of the store fixtures and decorations are antique, crafting a truly unique shopping environment in keeping with the Brooks Brothers legacy. Furnishings in American walnut and Chicago cherry add essence to the heritage of the brand. Brooks Brothers is not only a clothing brand, but has become part of the American narrative. The brand has the distinction of outfitting 39 out of the 44 Presidents of the United States.
Above the bar is an industrial-styled chandelier, while the fitting rooms feature another flare of modern design.

Louis Philippe store, New Delhi – India
The Louis Philippe store design and interiors are based on inspiration from Heritage European Architecture and living spaces. Each element of the store have different kind of furniture and fixture, which ideally feels like some one who has the taste for art and architecture has collected over a period of time. At the centre of the store a huge nesting table set with antique finish. Above this chandelier and towards right shoes and accessories section.

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