Check out these Top 5 Wall Lights for a Living Room.

Rainy days are here to stay. Damn it! And there’s no escape from it… or is it? You’re coming home from work and all you want to do is go inside straight away, sit on your comfortable couch, feel the warmth of your fireplace and be with the best company: a glass of scotch whisky with a splash of water – personally, I prefer it that way. And as background sound, a song from the 60s. Perfect!
But don’t fall asleep, because dinner still needs to be cooked. And here are the best room lighting options to prevent this from happening.


Let me show you our Top 5 Wall Lights for you Living Room, with a touch of vintage industrial style:

1. Get an extendable wall lamp.

Top 5 Wall Lights for Living Room2

DelightFULL created a sophisticated and highly functional piece with an extendable arm that can be adjusted into different positions: Pastorius wall lamp. Pure vintage. Its structure is made in brass and the lampshade in aluminum.

2. Do not be afraid to use metal.

Top 5 Wall Lights for Living Room

The metal mesh shade and aged silver finish create a bold look with an edgy architectural allure. Blended styles of industrial, modern and transitional are evident in this over scaled wall sconce. The mesh shade diffuses the light and becomes its focal point.

3. Turn your lamp around.

Top 5 Wall Lights for Living Room

A very useful wall light called Granat, where you can turn it around it axes so you can use it as a reading light or mood lighting. Made by Fagerhults, Sweden.
Pure 70s!


4. Industrial double bent swing arm lamp wall sconce.

Top 5 Wall Lights for Living Room

Two articulating arms swing wall lamp black with a vintage touch. Simply fits into what we are today. Weird but at the same time beautiful.

5. Go crazy and “write” on your wall.

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These graphic neon lamps arrived to light up any space in a cool and fashionable way. These industrial letter lamps light up any home, whether it is a big living room or a kid’s bedroom, with the light of each neon lamp. The Graphic Collection from DelightFULL is an option that will dazzle you.


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