A must-do for each month of the year 2019!

With a blink of an eye, we’re spending Christmas with our family, and a couple of days later, we’re already celebrating the new year 2019! We know that the start of a new year always brings us hope. Vintage Industrial Style ‘s Blog decided to create a Vintage Bucket List of 12 things, one wish for each month, so you can have the (vintage) year of your dreams!

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JANUARY – Own a Polaroide Camera

The first month of the year. The most hopeful month of them all! We have to admit that it’s the month where we believe that we’re capable of everything and that’s going to be the year of our lives! That’s the spirit and you have to do everything to make that come true. If you are a vintage lover, nothing better than owning a polaroide camera, so you can keep these moments forever and ever!

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Vintage Bucket List of 12 things for 2019!

FEBRUARY – Send a letter to a random address and see if someone writes back!

Instead of a message in a bottle, write a letter and send it to a random address. Because you don’t know for whom you’re writing, you can deeply expose all your feelings and thoughts. Write random thoughts, things that you question about the universe and who knows someone will write back!

Vintage Bucket List of 12 things for 2019!

MARCH – Attend a Flea Market!

For vintage and retro design lovers, this is truly the thing! The whether is getting better, so go outside and find yourself a flea market to stroll around! You’ll be surprised with the amount of interesting stuff you’ll find!

Vintage Bucket List of 12 things for 2019!


As you may see by the picture, you don’t have to spend fortunes if you want to be trendy and have something vintage on your wardrobe! You can reuse an old blouse and transform it, so it seems that you’ve traveled back in time to the fifties and stole this amazing vintage shirt!

Vintage Bucket List of 12 things for 2019!

MAY – Go on a Picnic Date

May! The month where flowers blossom, and we can see that everything is gaining color again! Grab a couple of snacks, fruits and sweets and invite your better-half to spend a fun and friendly-nature afternoon with you at the park!

Vintage Bucket List of 12 things for 2019!

JUNE – Take a Road Trip!

June, finally Summer is arriving! There is nothing more ‘vintagy’ than a summer road trip! Prepare you vintage car, pack your bags and explore beautiful places for yourself!

Vintage Bucket List of 12 things for 2019!

JULY – Throw a Vintage Pool Party

July means SUMMER! Gather your friends at your yard and throw a vintage summer pool party! Vintage swimsuits, retro accessories, drinks, and a lot of fun!

AUGUST – Visit Havana

Just like Camila Cabello says, “My heart is in Havana”! Havana is the capital of Cuba, and it’s also the largest city. It’s definitely the number one choice when speaking about vintage destinations!

SEPTEMBER – Buy a Vintage Table Lamp!

September is considered the Monday of the year. It’s the month of news starts: returning to school, work, you name it! It’s like the second chance of the year, where we can change our path. And nothing better than owning a vintage study table lamp to keep you sharp while doing your daily tasks! We thought that Amy Table Lamp, inspired by the great jazz singer, Amy Winehouse, would do the trick!

Vintage Bucket List of 12 things for 2019!

OCTOBER – Learn how to swing!

If you are that kind of person that’s always giving your friends excuses not do dance, the next year has to be yours! Take some dance classes and amaze everyone at the party with your brilliant and sassy dance moves!

Vintage Bucket List of 12 things for 2019!

NOVEMBER – Own a vinyl collection!

November is the month to stay in and chill! And why not stay at home, while hearing to some classics from the past century?

Vintage Bucket List of 12 things for 2019!

DECEMBER – Christmas Crafts with your family and friends!

When speaking about December, it’s hard not to think about Christmas, family, good foo and times. Enjoy more time with the ones you love, while doing some Christmas crafts to decorate your house, or even do some small gifts to give as a present!

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