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8. Familiar furniture styles to set the pastel tones

Frequent homeowners shy away from pastel colors, as they aren’t sure if their home will feel too soft and unsophisticated. Instead of starting off worrying about the colors, choose furniture that you are familiar with. Your favorite sofa and matching end tables coupled with hints of floral, stripes, or even polka dotted pastel fabrics will give your new pastel-enhanced interiors a sense of familiarity on your reupholstered furniture finds!


Spielberg by Essential Home:
For your vintage industrial decor!
The Spielberg rug is a masterpiece of dueling sides. In accordance with the chameleon director whose work inspired this handmade rug, it is really a blue degrade masterpiece. Made out in 100% tencel material and completely hand tufted, this piece seems to add to any of you interiors a classy and luxurious touch without being too much of a good thing…Just like Spielberg. You just got see Empire of The Sun one more time.