Vintage shopping guide Madrid

Shopping for vintage furniture and beautiful objects  for your home can result daunting if you do not know where to start. Now vintage is more fashionable than ever but cities are full of stores with over valued items, you just need to know where to look.

If you are considering to redecorate your home in any way do not miss our recommendations.


1. Indietro

Vintage shopping guide Madrid

Patricia Fernández belongs to a family of artists. After several years working in the New Moderna, she decided to create a new concept decoration store that is packed with a careful selection of objects. This place is chosen by deco lover that like to find unique, exquisite and desired objects. We love their lampshades, pillows fabrics and objects that make you travel to the depth of the sea. Where? Ortega y Gasset, 28.

2. Federica and Co

Vintage shopping guide Madrid

If you happen to be walking around the city center and you need to find a calm place to be, that is the Federica and Co magic garden. Situated in one of the most beautiful areas of Madrid, they offer antiques, vintage and everything that enlightens  imagination at home. All type of objects that can become shopping a fairytale in for girls

“I was in love with the idea of going at 5am all over France to look for antiques and vintage objects from the nineteenth to the twentieth centuries and bringing all the Coup de Foudre that we could find so we decided to launch the opening of Federica and Co”, says Federica Barbaranelli the mentor of this fabulous project. Where? Hermosilla, 26.

3. Guille García Hoz

Vintage shopping guide Madrid

The perfect space for Guille is “a mixture of styles, modern with old, rancid with transgressor, a place where you can notice the present time we live but also our origin, a mix of a bowl of Abe the Ape with a cup that belonged to your grandmother”.

In his shoproom –a cross between shop and showroom- you can find furniture, wallpaper and pottery. A lot of pottery that is their specialty: plates, cups, teapots, jugs, tiles, soap dishes, coasters, lamps, skulls, pendants… The ceramic is treated at the Talavera Ceramic Center where they restore ancient pottery. “THE king is Oh My Deer Gerardo, a pottery deer that instead of horns has two holes to put branches, flowers, or whatever you want”. We totally recommend you to visit them, it is like a small jungle in the middle of Madrid where time does not run. Where? Calle Pelayo, 43 and their eshop that delivers to Mexico too.

4. L.A. Studio

LA Studio adapts offering vintage decor ideas, where heterodoxy own mix of styles and decades are fully allowed. Betting on vintage retro furniture, mainly from the 40s and 50s, this Studio retrieves the elegance and decadence of post-war Paris or the classic Hollywood film, while adapting them to the current proposals in the field of decoration.

Carlos Gómez, the mentor of this project believes objects are important in a home, but also spaces that “have the ability to change and transmit sensations. The space acts as a primary element, but when we speak of space we must take into account aspects such as light, the size, ceiling height, elements that often play for and positively accompany any type of decoration”. Where? Calle Arganzuela, 18

5. Madrid in Love

Vintage shopping guide Madrid

This is not only a shop, it is a multispace where you can find beautiful objects, furniture or where you are able to organize a pop up store or a party. They are multitask: “Each project we organize has a story to tell, a unique story. Our goal is to make every restaurant, every store, every house, every local … a space with personality and life”, say Naroa Quirós and Juan Luis Medina.

And what kind of objects can we find? “We have antique furniture from the late XIX, and even contemporary furniture pieces that we have made. We believe in the beautiful and functional, organic and artisan, and the mix of the latest trends with rustic and traditional design”. Where? Argensola, 14.

Other spots we highy recommend are Anouk de Gruyter and the must of all vintage routes: El Rastro.

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