What is an antique lamp? I personally like the generalized definition wich states that it is a lamp wich is from a bygone area. This places the term outside the legal arena and into a subjective personal usage wich is where we commonly incur the term…

Rough concrete, simple materials giving a vintage look, wallpaper peeling, this unfinished tendency is growing stronger.

Robert Mills Architects took it home in Sorrento (winner of Australian Design Awards 2012). They often use materials in a monochromatic range and polished stone.

Although it looks like a garage or Sid Vicious’ hotel room back in the day (a cleaner version, at least), we look through the eyes of the stylist, creator and room decorator Grados Maliin, showing a raw and unfinished stile. A frame of a bed with painted pallets, headboard right next to the rough concrete, filled with holes, not very different from what we see in Villa Sorrento above.

You are interested in old wallpaper and visible rough wall surface but you are missing an authentic base? Well, the shortcut is available in a role of wallpaper. Recently released, Mr. Perswall’s Spring Wallpaper collection, where “Torn” allows you to give a lovely and worn-out cottage feel even in city soil or in a new construction.

It defines a coarse style, an industrial and unfinished ambiance.

A trashy chair, naked bars and visible nails. In the middle of the living room it becomes an interesting exclamation amongst other details.

Daniela Wittes, showing her beautiful house last spring, became immensely popular in many decoration blogs. The brick wall definitely takes you inside the living room.

Last, but not least, the details. Here we can see Alexa Lixfelds’ collection that was out for the public in Stockholm Furniture Fair 2013, a raw edged delicious collection, directly withdrawn from its shape without being molded to perfection.