Hello, Vintager One’s!
Today i’m gonna share an article with you that’ve saw yesterday, on Mashable.

It talks about one of my favourite decade ever, and that unfortunately i couldn’t live on it: The 60’s!
The 60's

Oct. 1969 Hippie high school: When students (and teachers) turned on, tuned in, and dropped classes.

That 60's show: what american high school students dressed like in 1969
Woodside High, California.

“The latest rule in girls’ high school fashion is that there isn’t any.”, by LIFE Magazine, 1969

That 60's show: what american high school students dressed like in 1969
Left to right: Pam Pepin, Pat Auvenshine and Kim Robertson, at Corona del Mar High School in California.

Rooted in the the early 1960s “Beat Generation,” hippies were about freedom — of expression, of living and, of course, of love.

When it came to style, this meant individuality and customization over mass production: long hair for men, little makeup for women, bras optional. By 1967, a raft of publications and handbooks explained exactly how to dress like a hippie. Ruth Bronsteen’s “The Hippy’s Handbook” even included graphics on how to rock the look.

But in 1969, the year of these photographs, hippie fashion was evolving from counter culture to, well, culture. And young people were informing the change. Most of the students you see here are wearing off-the-shelf fashions — still recognizably hippie, but more homogenized.

Being a hippy was safe, but somehow not as free.

Hippies copy Hippies-1 copy
High school student wears hippie fashion consisting of bell bottoms and boots.

Hippies-7 copy

“Guess what, I might be the first hippie pinup girl.” by Janis Joplin

Delightfull Catalogue

Hippies-9 copy Hippies-10 copy
High Schooler Nina Nalhaus wears wool pants and a homemade jacket at high school, in Denver, Colorado.

Hippies-13 copy
Beverly Hills high school student Erica Farber wears a checker and tiered outfit as she walks with a young man.

Hippies-14 copy
High school student band, in California.

Hippies-15 copy

Hippies-5 copy
High School teacher Sandy Brockman wearing a bold print hippie-style dress, in Denver, Colorado.

I still dream on the day that i would go back in time in REALLY live this days! 🙂

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