You may not believe it, but vintage center tables are a trend again. When it comes to decorate a living room you cannot forget this important element that occupies the most important part of your living area. Or at least the most visible one (try to left this area empty and you’ll see how everybody notices). And when it comes to chose a center table, you’ll never be out of options. Since wooden center tables to contemporary coffee tables with glass covers or metallic elements, or even DIY projects (such as tables made of pallets) all the living room furniture choices are on you.

10 Living room vintage center tables

KOI Center Table by BRABBU | IKE Floor Lamp by DELIGHTFULL

And what do you need to do in order to have a great living area? You just have to mix your beautiful center table with a big rug, with some vintage industrial lighting (such as tall lamps or golden lamps), a contemporary sofá and a vintage sideboard.

10 Living room vintage center tables

Use white in your living room for a cozy, scandinavian and elegant ambience and don’t forget to buy that white carpet you saw at the store. Copper elements are great for this kind of decor style.

10 Living room vintage center tables

As well as every kind of metalics.

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Wood is also a great option. It will all depend on your decor taste.

10 Living room vintage center tables

REVOLVER Table by DELIGHTFULL is inspired in the brazilian music style ‘bossa nova’. This golden table seems to be a good option for vintage interiors.



House Beautiful

YASMINE table looks just perfect with its cousin DRAPESSE Sofá. Both products by KOKET, a brand by Janet Morais.

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