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See this vintage chairs to die for. Nowadays, it’s hard to find the best piece for your room with a vintage touch. But don’t worry: we just picked up the best options for a retro look. Either in your living room or in your kitchen, retro movement came to stay.

Caetano armchair

caetano armchair 10 vintage chairs to die for

Caetano Veloso brings softness, rhythm and a lot of Bossa Nova notes to our minds. This dark walnut wood chair is stuffed with dyed blue leather and it has a brass detail at the end of the feet. A classic retro design, it exhales a 60’s feeling and it should be placed in a vintage setting.

New Yorker 60s-style leather chair

retro look 10 vintage chairs to die for

Find out this New Yorker 60s-style leather chair ideal for a retro room, which will look outstanding combined with a vintage lamp. The comfort is guaranteed. In what concerns the finishes, it’s a swivel chair, with a chrome bath in the base. Concerning the leather, you can choose among more colours, such ad brown / cream / black / lime green or orange for the upholstery.

Modern Retro chair

10 vintage chairs to die for

This modern retro chair is ideal to be placed at your living room near a fireplace or at a corner with a contemporary reading lamp. The red leather attributes a vibrating effect and it ables to mix with other objects soft colours, such as brown or black.

HOPI armchair

hopi armchair 10 vintage chairs to die for

Hopi armchair is inspired in Arizona tribe: its meaning is goodness, peacefulness and wiseness. A retro chair that allies the comfort of the brown synthetic fabric to a high quality standard. It will produce a charming effect on your living room designs.

retro chair

Retro Chair Arena Neptun

10 vintage chairs to die for


Be delighted with Retro Chair Arena Neptun. Its curved contours and button-back are precious details that hide a softer side of mid-century style. It’s ideal to be placed in a modern living room with soft tones.

Delice Chair

10 vintage chairs to die for

This exquisite confection embraces you with its heavenly curves & luscious accents. This upholstered delicacy is accented by ever so sweet black lacquered feet.

Egg Retro Chair

10 vintage chairs to die for

Egg Retro Chair design defies the most charming house, with its purple leather and particular rounded format. Place it near a window and let the sun illuminate this outstanding vintage chair.

Acorn Chair

10 vintage chairs to die for

From the middle of the 20th century, emerges Acorn Chair, with a vibrating colour. Feel your home with this vintage touch, and put it next to a modern center table, in order to mix styles and finishes.

Vintage 70’s chair

retro chair

Just pick up for your collection this retro 70s Chair with an appealing danish design in brown leather. Choose it for a lounge office and profit from the cozy backrest. You’ll feel like you’re in the 70’s mood.

Baloo Retro Swiver Rocker

10 vintage chairs to die for

Here it is the swivel rocker chair from the Designed series by Hjellegjerde of Norway. The “Baloo” is all about this 60’s inspired retro modern lounge chair. It features a rocking mechanism with geometric shapes that provide comfort wherever you are.

We are sure that after taking a look at our list you’ll feel definitely inside retro movement at home, thinking in adding a vintage piece in your favourite place.