The old is the new ‘new’! Here is a list of amazing antique shops in Mexico City!

If you are a vintage lover or if you are a design lover and you are in Mexico or thinking of spending some quality time there before Habitat Expo, from the 24th to 26th of May, have a sneak peek…

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“Vintage means Pre Loved”

When we visit new places, we like to take some souvenirs that reminds of of that beautiful journey we did. Be bold and do something different to surprise your beloved ones! Why not consider picking up some antique pieces from Mexico City?
There are plenty of stores, markets and stalls where you can find some great, one-off pieces, either in their original ‘used’ condition or restored to their former glory. Here’s your guide to antique shopping in the Mexican capital.

Bazar Santa Catarina

Find the 5 Most Amazing Antique Shops in Mexico!

Coyoacán is one of the best places to do a bit of antique shopping in Mexico City, given that there are any numbers of stores tucked away in the streets of this neighborhood once inhabited by Frida Kahlo.

Find the 5 Most Amazing Antique Shops in Mexico! 9

Find the 5 Most Amazing Antique Shops in Mexico! 7

However, the Bazar Santa Catarina, situated in the garden of the same name, may be one of the best places to get your hands on some truly retro, unique pieces, from fashion to furniture. As an added bonus, if you’re looking to sell your own antiques, the vendors here may also be willing to buy. Another Coyoacán option is the Mercados de Coyoacán located in the Del Carmen area of the neighborhood, where you’ll also find some excellent antiques.

Rivero Lake Rodrigo

Find the 5 Most Amazing Antique Shops in Mexico! 2

Moving to a slightly more upscale area of the city, Polanco, you can find the store known as Rivero Lake Rodrigo, which sells all manner of antique furniture that is exquisitely curated, hand-selected and restored in many cases. Much of the furniture you can find here is of Asian origin, or at least inspired by that unique style, given that the store’s owner is fascinated with antiques from that part of the world.

Bazar Cuauhtémoc

Find the 5 Most Amazing Antique Shops in Mexico! 4

Bazar Cuauhtémoc is less organized than the aforementioned Coyoacán Bazar, being more of a flea market that has the potential to turn up some great antique finds, rather than a specifically antique-oriented shopping experience. Just outside of the popular Roma neighborhood, this long-running Saturday and Sunday market does have some great pieces though, if you’re willing to search for them; from old books to cameras, watches and vinyl records, it makes for a great day out for the casual antique collector.

La Portales

Find the 5 Most Amazing Antique Shops in Mexico! 6

This daily antiques market is one of the city’s best and most well-known, so you can rest assured that whatever day of the week you turn up on, there’ll be something cool and interesting for you to stumble across. A real hodge-podge of items, you could end up walking away with an antique suitcase or even some vintage clothing, plus a ton of household decorations that will really liven up any living space. If you’re serious about your antiques, you need to go more than once as the stock is regularly rotated.

Piezas Únicas

Find the 5 Most Amazing Antique Shops in Mexico! 3

Finally, if you prefer to steer clear of the hustle and bustle of street markets, then Piezas Únicas could be a better spot for you to check out. Situated in Roma, this quirky store sells, restores and buys furniture, meaning you’ve got all your antique needs covered in one handy and reliable location. Most of their pieces are from the 40s, 50s and 60s and come pre-restored, so while the prices might seem high, you don’t have to worry about factoring in separate repair costs on top.

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Find the 5 Most Amazing Antique Shops in Mexico! 10