We love Philippe Starck. “Subversive, ethical, ecological, political, fun: this is how I see my duty as a creator.” Philippe Starck.

Despite his thousands of projects – completed or in the making – his global fame and his tireless protean inventiveness, never forget the essential. Philippe Starck has a mission and a vision: creation, whatever shape it takes, must make life better for the largest number of people possible. Starck believes this highly poetic, political, rebellious, benevolent, pragmatic and subversive duty must be borne by all and he resumes it with the humour that has accompanied his approach since the earliest days: “No one is forced to be a genius, but everyone has to take part.”

 Some of his design projects:

Volar 2006 ,ShangHai, China, Asia

Best architecture and Design Projects: Philippe Starck

Best architecture and Design Projects: Philippe Starck



Best architecture and Design Projects: Philippe Starck

Cafe Stern, Paris, 2014

“The meeting of Stern and the Alajmo brothers is a magical obviousness. Just like the engraver Stern, the Alajmos – 2 guys from Padova, now in Venice – have been pursuing excellence and uniqueness.
To honour this magical encounter between both Stern and Alajmo quality, we barely transformed the classified historic place. We just improved the existing magic. The result is an ultimate place, probably the nicest bacaro in the world.
Visiting the Alajmo’s Caffè Stern is a journey through time, history, culture and an invitation into creativity and excellence. Our contribution was all about magic, poetry, surrealism and naturally about the food”. PHS

And some of his architecure projects:

P.A.T.H.- Prefabricated accesible technological technological homes in France

Is a unique turkney living solution for all , opening new ways towards different future by combining high technology, comfort,timeless design and respect for the environment into a single solution.




Le Nuage, Montpellier, France




Hope that you like it and that now you will want to visit some of places made by Starck 😉


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