Best Interior Designers in Warsaw⇒ Warsaw is the capital of Poland and it is considered a big metropolitan centre of this country. We can see the influence of modernism and ccontemporary forms in the city, comparing with another cities in the country. Warsaw was fully renovated after the war and emerged as being one of the most advanced cities in the area for designers to afirm themselves, for example. We will show you the top!

Bartek Włodarczyk Architekt

Top 25 Best Interior Designers in Warsaw

Bartek Włodarczyk’s interior design studio is an original project initiated in 1998 and managed by a graduate of the Faculty of Architecture of the Warsaw University of Technology.  The team of the design studio consists of professional architects with many years of experience in comprehensive implementation of interior design and architecture projects in private and public investments. The variety of implemented concepts gives them a wide range of possibilities in the field of solutions and materials used, which allow to create unique projects with a unique charm.

Bajersokol Team

Top 25 Best Interior Designers in Warsaw

Interior design office from Poland speciallized in residencial interiors. They are known as EXITDESIGN too and afirm their excellent quality, design and service.

CHATA Interior Designer

Top 25 Best Interior Designers in Warsaw

CHATA IDd is a professional interior design and decoration service, from design to reality. They believe that a design of any project should be a reflection from its owner. Their job is to harmoniously combine all elements of an interior according to functional factors, to create a perfect living space with its unique ID and beauty.

INRE Design

Top 25 Best Interior Designers in Warsaw

INRE Design was created out of love for architecture and art. The founder of the studio is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Marta Konopińska-Tarasiuk, who graduated in Interior Architecture. It all started in 2009 and to this day the office can boast over a hundred completed projects.


Jacek Tryc – wnętrza

Top 25 Best Interior Designers in Warsaw

The Interior Designer’s name is Jacek Tryc. He’s an architect and since 1999 he has been designing residential interiors in Poland and abroad. If you are looking for a complete service – from concept to implementation of the project he can be a great help.

Justyna Tatys

Top 25 Best Interior Designers in Warsaw

JUSTYNA TATYS LUXURY INTERIORS is not only a luxurious interior design studio, but also a brand ensuring exceptional quality of servicing for Premium individual and commercial customers. It was created thanks to a very specific philosophy and experience and has ensured clients full satisfaction with the final outcome of ordered undertakings they have been presented with.

Kolodziej & Szmyt

Top 25 Best Interior Designers in Warsaw

Kolodziej & Szmyt was founded in 2012 for demanding customers who value the beauty, functionality and comfort of living and working spaces. They dont limit ourselves to a specific style, adjusting our proposals to the client’s expectations and the possibilities offered by a given interior. Their goal is to find a balance between what is beautiful and individually understood utility.


Top 25 Best Interior Designers in Warsaw

The Studio is committed to deliver supreme quality interiors, architecture and products in the spirit of modern and timeless elegance for discerning clients, in prime locations in Poland and abroad. They pride theirselves on the quality of proposed solutions and excellent communication with the clients, which is key to successful collaboration.

KUKA Interior Design

Top 25 Best Interior Designers in Warsaw

KUKA designs a space thought out to the smallest detail. They pay attention to  form and function. Listening to the expectations regarding aesthetic preferences allows you to take care of  harmony in the interior. Together with you, they create the interior so that it is one of a kind.

Lehmann Design

Top 25 Best Interior Designers in Warsaw

Lehmann Design has been operating successfully since 2001. During this time, over 80 interiors of apartments and houses were completed, as well as interior designs for shops, restaurants, hotels and kindergartens. Numerous publications in Polish magazines and opinion-forming press titles on decoration, arrangement and interior design confirm the quality of their design work and experience.


Top 25 Best Interior Designers in Warsaw

Madama understands attitude towards the creation of new things can turn new projects, not as problems, but as challenges. It is the world and nature around us that inspire them to create beautiful and functional interiors and furniture. They think design is not just a preparatory stage in the process of having things made; it is rather a combination of innovation, creativity and technology.


Top 25 Best Interior Designers in Warsaw

NABOO is a design studio specialized in premium interiors. They also deal with architecture and graphics. The comprehensive projects includes photorealistic visualizations, executive drawings, selection of materials and author’s supervision over the implementation.

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Nasciturus Design

Top 25 Best Interior Designers in Warsaw

Nasciturus Design is a team of professionals, for whom arranging interiors is a real passion. They constitute a team of professional architects, who, since 2004, have completed over 450 tailor made projects for Private and Business Customers. Their company’s portfolio includes interior designs for flats and apartments, houses, hotels, restaurants, offices, doctor’s surgeries and SPAs.

O&O European Design

Top 25 Best Interior Designers in Warsaw

O&O European Design was founded by two brothers, Wiesław and Marek Olko. Wiesław Olko is a theatre and opera stage designer with numerous awards of international prestige to his credit. Marek Olko has experience of university teacher, music and film producer – represents the studio in its foreign relations with regard to project development and execution, logistics and interoperability. As ex-pilot he also supervises aviation projects for over fifteen years prominent in O&O portfolio.


Top 25 Best Interior Designers in Warsaw

At the base of her work is the research and application of classical principles and proportions to interior conceptions: traditional, modern or contemporary. She likes playing with contrasts: rough/smooth surfaces; linens/silks; rustic/elegant. She love colors. Colors animate a surface, create drama or lightness, and add elegance or rusticity to an interior. Colored surfaces reflect light and can add emotional power. The light is the other element at the base of her interiors.

Perfect Space Warsaw

Top 25 Best Interior Designers in Warsaw

Perfect Space is a design consultor that promises to help you in any of your projects. They proclaim their experience as the biggest trust factor to choose them.

Poco Design

Top 25 Best Interior Designers in Warsaw

Poco Design studio was founded by Warsaw’s Academy of Fine Arts graduate. Patrycja Suszek-Raczkowska graduated from The Department of Interior Design in 2007. She finds beauty in both classic and contemporary design and seeks a fine line between epochs resulting in a variety of timeless interiors. She combines engineer technicality with artist fragility for shapes and colors of a surrounding world whilst being keen on the client guidance.

Soma Architekci

Top 25 Best Interior Designers in Warsaw

The studio is run by a pair of architects with many years of experience in the architectural and interior design industry. They are authorized to design without restrictions in the architectural specialty, which guarantees full professionalism. The basis of their offer is a full interior design, based on a proven system of design work, from the concept, through detailed design, to professional supervision over the implementation.

Studio Modelowania Przestrzeni

Top 25 Best Interior Designers in Warsaw

Marzena (Studio Modelowania Przestrzeni) is an interior designer and landscape architect . She’s been designing since the second year of my studies, i.e. since 2006. First there were gardens, then the interiors of houses and apartments. After years of experience, a colorful, expressive and feminine style developed for her! She likes contrasts – especially the combination of modern and classic. She plays with patterns and rules.


Top 25 Best Interior Designers in Warsaw

STUDIO.O organic design was founded in 2006 and has been working in the fields of architecture, interior design and landscape architecture ever since. They specialized in a multidimensional approach based on their conceptions and creativity. Emphasis is placed upon quality, experience, essential knowledge and teamwork. They prefer to use natural materials in conjunction with timeless spatial solutions. The team is highly flexible, fully committed and focuses on clients needs first.

Just Interiors

Here Are The Names of The Best Interior Designers in Warsaw!

Just Interiors is a creative interior design studio for commercial and public interior architecture, created with woman initiative.

VEYAZ DESIGN Kamila Dobrzanska

Here Are The Names of The Best Interior Designers in Warsaw!

If you’re looking for the right name that can help you transform your design dreams into reality, look no more!


Here Are The Names of The Best Interior Designers in Warsaw!

A well known architectural studio, based in Krakow, with an astonishing portfolio filled with incredible modern design projects.


Here Are The Names of The Best Interior Designers in Warsaw!

Karolina Czupryniak and Mikołaj Nowakowski have been creating an architectural studio since 2009, devoting their attention primarily to projects in the Masuria region. Acting under the name Chiliart architectural studio for a long time, currently Czupryniak Nowakowski Architekci gather around them a team of committed and dedicated architects and designers.

Deer Design

Here Are The Names of The Best Interior Designers in Warsaw!

“Our DEER DESIGN interior design studio was established by a passion for interior design. We provide services related to your finishing. We have many years of experience in the construction market, and our team is made up of unparalleled people in interior design.”




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