Feeling like renovating your home without sparing no expense? Well then, in today’s article we will be giving our top 10 best modern studios/designers specialized in residential projects. We hope you enjoy our rundown of some of the best modern designers, and maybe, you feel like calling them for some decor tips, or, to renovate your home.

Charles Zana

residential projects

Charles Zana is our first designer to be featured as part of our best designers for residential projects, and we couldn’t start it any other way. Charles Zana is renowned worldwide as one of the best interior architects around, with projects all over the globe, from London to Tel Aviv, and from Paris to Monaco. Having worked with both private and public interiors, his repertoire is well justified.


Christian Liaigre

residential projects

Christian Liaigre opened his first showroom during the ’80s and was instantly praised as being one of the most unique and fresh showrooms around. With a passion for contemporary interiors, Liaigre’s residential projects are true testaments of time and luxury.

David Collins Studio

residential projects

David Collin’s family, especially his father, helped him be the designer that he is today. Collin graduated in the same college as his father, in Bolton Street School of Architecture. Collins preserves the design of the 20th and 21st century close to the heart, and his residential projects are the reflection of that.

Didier Gomez

residential projects

Didier Gomez has been a designer since 1978, his first furniture collections were a major success and caught the attention of various interior architects and designers alike. Didier Gomez is a versatile designer, having worked in boutiques, large stores, apartments, private homes, and head offices. But it’s his residential projects that really stand out.

Dimore Studio

residential projects

Dynamic duo Emiliano Salci and Britt Moran created Dimore Studio with a clear vision, to create timeless and contemporary residential projects that could survive the outdated design label decades from now. And till this day they still keep that same energy, taking special attention to the ’70s style as inspiration.


residential projects

DKOR Interiors is one of the top residential interior design studios around. Known worldwide for their timeless and contemporary projects, DKOR Interiors brings a flawless execution to every residential project they are part of.

Eric Kuster

residential projects

Easily one of the best Dutch interior designs around, Eric Kuster brings the modern luxury vibe in a unique way that only Eric Kuster can bring. Known for his perfect balance between classic and contemporary, there’s no denying that Eric Kuster has a mid-century influenced touch on almost every project of his.

François Catroux

residential projects

François Catroux is a renowned name in the interior design business, especially, when it comes to residential projects. Catroux has worked with famous clients throughout the years, there’s no need to name them. If you handle your project to François Catroux rest assured that he will bring out the best modern decor available.

Gilles & Boissier

residential projects

Gilles & Boissier has been an established name since 2004. Another studio that has immense experience with private residences, and private clientele. Gilles & Boissier gives you some of the best residential projects around, a solid pick if ever you are looking for a studio that could renovate your home in the most luxurious fashion.

We hope you enjoyed our article on the best interior designers/studios specialized in residential projects!

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