Decorex London 2015 will take place at Syon Park London between 20th and 23th September, and it promises to unveil new designs choices as well as vintage details for your home.

Here you can see , some of the main exibitors that will visit Decorex London :

17 Patterns at Stand G50 launches its debut collection of wallpapers and fabrics, adapted collaboratively from original artworks and design pieces, at Decorex 2015

Decorex London 2015: vintage details for your interiors

17 Patterns and British designer, Nosca Inc’s, Spiral Chaos delivers a stunning visual interpretation of the designer’s chaotic yet harmonious thoughts. Depth and intrigue seamlessly spiral throughout this tranquil utopia with introspective portals, delicate nebulous textures, and sumptuous, smoky mists. Our one-of-a-kind geometric pattern displays originality across four colour palettes: peach; blue; jade; and black. This self-portrait of the artist’s mind introduces calming properties and a mood-enhancing backdrop into any 21st century interior.

Decorex London 2015: vintage details for your interiors

Decorex London 2015: vintage details for your interiors


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Archer& Smith Ltd

Archer & Smith Designers and manufacturers of the highest quality bespoke furniture and specialist joineryASC139--Automne-Buffet-14

Decorex London 2015: vintage details for your interiors



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Art of the Loom is a family run business with 6 generations of weaving history. Based in the Lancashire countryside, they draw inspiration from their breath-taking surroundings. Their fabrics capture the unique sophistication of natural fibres, guaranteed to add timeless charm to beautiful homes with effortless grace.

Baker & Gray, creators of bespoke, unique & beautifully designed fabrics and furnishings.

At the helm of this vision is Sarah Baker, a British Designer who has spent many years working in the design industry.

Sarah’s expensive travel across continents such as India, Africa and Europe has inspired the Baker & Gray collections, drawing influence from the flora and fauna observed along the way.

Baker & Gray are renowned for their range of luxury bespoke fabrics. Texture and colour feature at the very heart of the collection, embellished with intricate hand embroidered designs.

Each of the fabrics and furnishings have their own unique tales to tell, told through the plants and animals adorning them.

The fabric collection is completely bespoke and manufactured to the specific requirements of Interior Designers and Architects.

For more details on Baker & Gray, please contact our showroom on +44 (0) 207 243 2558.

Decorex London 2015: vintage details for your interiors

Calfe Crimmings are experts in the application and design of surface finishes. We import a wide range of plasters from Italy that provide the platform for installing conventional plaster finishes. We also create bespoke styles of finishes from these plasters, often with texture or extra layers that create something totally unique. We have increasingly used metallic finishes, all of which are applied with a trowel or other tool. Combining these two products has been a recent development and we have done extensive work with these, what we term ‘hermetics’. We also offer services such as murals, gilding and paint finishes. Andrew Crimmings established the company in 2001.

Decorex London 2015: vintage details for your interiors

See you 20-23.09.2015 in London !! 🙂

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