If you’re a retro aficionado and you’re scanning for the most astonishing Miami beach hotel to visit, then you might want to reconsider this tiny mid-century hotel paradise that is the Miami Beach Edition luxury boutique inn.

Let´s have a look?

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Discover this fantastic Mid-Century Hotel in Miami Beach

Located in Mid-Beach—the historic “heart of Miami Beach” between South Beach and North Beach—on a 3.5-acre private enclave stretching from Collins Avenue to the ocean shoreline, The Miami Beach EDITION is not merely a boutique hotel”. This is how the Edition group describe its own hotel! We couldn’t agree more. As you scroll down, you’ll see that this majestic hotel is filled with a mid-century modern vibe that takes us back to the 60s, to Palm Springs, even to the breathtaking set of La La Land!
Discover this fantastic Mid-Century Hotel in Miami Beach

The hotel was entirely re-imagined to satisfy the requirements and hopes of a newer generation. The architects and designers who moulded on the project designed out every aspect in a way that made permissible to intensify a guest’s stay, whether for holiday, leisure or business.

Discover this fantastic Mid-Century Hotel in Miami Beach
The bedrooms are more functional and bright, which invokes the sunshiny spirit of Miami. Nevertheless, we can always see the mid-century style showing itself.
Discover this fantastic Mid-Century Hotel in Miami Beach

Finally, we need to talk about this dreamy pool area… Palm trees are omnipresent, the water’s crystal and blue, the sun’s always out and the clean white facade of the building makes it desirable that all attentions are on the handsome outdoor design!

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