Are you a design lover or professional? We have great news for you! Today, you’ll meet Gérard Faivre, one of the finest designers of France! Continue scrolling and discover everything about him and his work! 

Art Homes is driven by the unique vision of Gérard Faivre. This amazing designer is capable of tranforming Parisian apartments and properties into real works of art! Art Homes concept of Gérard Faivre’s brand, is, in this way, considered the reference when speaking about luxury real estate that offers Parisian-styled residentials fully renovated and decorated!


Discover These Parisian-Styled Design Projects of Gérard Faivre!

Gérald Faivre Paris embraces a unique signature, and that is the reson why international clients continue to choose his work above others. Te designer considers that this is a different way of shopping, where we are driven by our emotions.


Discover These Parisian-Styled Design Projects of Gérard Faivre!

“Our offer is very different from that of traditional real estate agents and especially that of interior designers. It is an alternative that responds to the demand of a foreign clientele that wants to have a few concerns as possible when it wants to acquire a property. And each time, it’s love at first sight, an encounter, an emotion”, Gérard Faivre.

Gérard’s brand is not associated with any particular style. The designer creates unique and timeless places, that mix classicism, elegancy and modernity.

Discover These Parisian-Styled Design Projects of Gérard Faivre!

For Gérard each project is a challenge and he wants it to have its own fingerprint. The designer considers that it is important to understand his clients, and create a space that will reflect whom the person really is.

Discover These Parisian-Styled Design Projects of Gérard Faivre!

“Often the story of a neighborhood, a building, and even some emblematic piece of a place, becomes a source of inspiration. As to communicate and to spread the word on his achievements, the team has their website and collaborates with a press officer for publication abroad”.

Discover These Parisian-Styled Design Projects of Gérard Faivre!

“An opportunity brought Gérard back to Provence, a region he has always loved for its relaxed lifestyle. There, he has worked on two exceptional properties: The Bigot estate in Saint Remy de Provence. An eighteenth-century Mansion, of about 600 m2, stands in a magnificent park of 10 hectares. A lake, an olive grove of 500 feet allowing the production of its own olive oil, a forest with Mediterranean essences, where nestles a cabin, with the breathtaking view constitute this magnificent setting. Provençal-inspired decoration with a nod to the 50’s. And the Mansion Honorine in Les Baux de Provence. The presence of rocky cliffs at the entrance of the property makes it a unique place facing one of the most beautiful villages in France, Les Baux de Provence. This ubiquitous rock-inspired Gérard and gave birth to the realization of a ground innovative, micro mortar. Black and white have become obvious and have made the link between the three homes. A return to raw art, closer to nature”.

Discover These Parisian-Styled Design Projects of Gérard Faivre!

The design studio has another project in France, and it reflects a desire to diversity. For Gérard, this is more than a challenge, it’s an obligation. He has always respected the authenticity of a place, and develop a real estate program on a golf course, with the exceptional environment, gives him a single objective: that of respecting it by designing a habitat which will integrate with the perfection with the surrounding nature and will preserve the privacy of everyone.

Gérard believes that the future years on the design field, won’t bring drastic changge in decoration, however it will be possible to notice a special concern towards the evolution of our planet. That is why new eco-responsible materials are intoducing new styles. His main aim is to return the trend of design: quality products at reasonable prices. Gérard considers that is still possible!


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