Top tips for an eco-friendly travel and the best sustainable lighting!

Converting your normal travels into more eco-friendly travel might be your next goal, but how should you do it the proper way? Find here the top tips for eco-friendly travel.

Many of us have thought of going on a more eco-friendly travel, but it’s true that as soon as we start thinking about it, we get lost where to begin. Here are some easy steps that will get you traveling without having to worry about your eco-footprint

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The best tip we would like to start with will also be the easiest one, knowing this year will be a special and uncertain year talking about traveling. Travel overland, or even better, travel inside your country. How many of us could say that they’ve seen all the beautiful sites of their own country? Well, maybe the time has come to discover your own homeland. Know that cutting out just one three-hour flight will make your carbon footprint much lighter.

Never leave the house without your reusable water bottle, shopping bag, or any other item that is in plastic and avoid buying any new plastic bottles or items. As more than 8 million tons of that plastic is dumped into the ocean annually. 

Reduce your use of the car or just use public transport. Public transport will not only keep your carbon footprint light, but public transport will also help you discover more and see more of the place you’re in. And if you want to take a step further, then get a map and walk to your destination, this can be very enriching.

Eco-friendly travel is more than just items and how you travel. Use and eat local. Eat in locally-owned restaurants, and stay in locally owned lodges, hotels, and B&Bs. Buy locally made handicrafts and products that double as practical, everyday items, so you’re not stuck with a dust-inducing souvenir you never use. 

Next to that, choose an eco-friendly hotel or agency. You may not know the existence of it, but there are a lot of agencies that focus on sustainability and responsible environmental practices.

Being sustainable and responsible for the environment shouldn’t be only while traveling. Your house and your daily life have the biggest impact, so use these given tips for your travels as well as for your daily life. DelightFULL is one of the top luxury brands that is sustainability aware and that will help you get even more eco-friendly.


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