Today, i saw a video of the Porsche 964 Targa on the cool&vintage. It’s just a glam of beauty!

But this video reminded me the art of Peter Kunz! The Garagenatelier in Herdern, Switzerland, where anybody would like to park his car, specialy if your car is a Porsche! Right? 🙂

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The volume preserves space for eight cars. The cubes, embedded in the terrain serve as directed lighting for the parking area in the back. The cube at the end has a sliding door and acts as the entrance. The beton cubes remind of a ‘Minimal Art’ installation, promoting the unique expression as well as the juxtaposition of nature and the geometric structures made of concrete.

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Glass fronted parking spaces are embedded into the landscape.

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Natural daylight enters the cave-like space through the windows, brightening the dark cast concrete floor along with spaced tubular lamps.

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More at designboom and ignant!

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