AD Show 2020 has been postponed to June, which means you have more time to think what you’ll do while in the US – CHECK OUT these amazing Historic Restaurants in the US!

Are you bored of your routine? Do you want to spice things up and have dinner? Perfect, on – I’m A Vintage Soul – we’ve selected the top historic restaurants in the US, so you can have a fancy dinner in an inspiring ambiance with your better half!




I'm Just A Vintage Soul: The Top Historic Restaurants in the US!

The Old Ebbitt opened back in the days, more precisely in the year 0f 1856. It has been attracting several presidents and beltway movers, since then, and it’s already considered the icon of Washington DC. This vintage restaurant is the oldest from the city, and it has been relocated twice – nowadays it’s located on the 15th Street, two blocks from the White House.


I'm Just A Vintage Soul: The Top Historic Restaurants in the US!

The ambiance is absolutely exquisite, and the mid-century décor will make you travel back in time, while you’re tasting some specialties! Meatloaf, chops, and burgers are the top dishes served here, however the chefs rotate and the specials change, based on local ingredients.

675 15th St. NW, Washington, D.C., 20005



I'm Just A Vintage Soul: The Top Historic Restaurants in the US!
New York is known for having the best restaurants and the oldest and most iconic ones. Mainly, the specialty of the restaurants in NY is steak, so there are several steakhouses spread all over the place. And, as usual, there is a place considered the number one when talking about a good steak: Keens. The restaurant was founded in 1885, by the Albert Keen.
“The ceilings heave with 90,000 clay pipes once smoked by regulars, including Babe Ruth, JP Morgan and Teddy Roosevelt. What to order? That’s easy: the famed mutton chop, on the menu from the beginning and perfected year after year”.
72 West 36th Street New York, NY 10018


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I'm Just A Vintage Soul: The Top Historic Restaurants in the US!
Finally we got to the ‘baby’ of the list. Canlis is 62 years old, however it’s the perfect place if you are a design lover, and appreciate architecture and high-caliber food. With a mid-century design and it the building actually was design by the father of Northwestern architecture, Roland Terry.
Located in Seattle, this four-star historic restaurant, has a menu that offers several specialties, and the kitchen is run by the famous chef Jason Franey.
2576 Aurora Avenue North Seattle, WA 98109




I'm Just A Vintage Soul: The Top Historic Restaurants in the US!

This restaurant is located in the city of angels – Los Angeles. Fred and Grace Cook built and opened a trolly car designed as a restaurant, in 1921. As you can imagine, it has a huge hit at the time, and it’s still a great hit nowadays!

The Pacific Dining Car has been located solidly in the same place for over 90 years, and since then the beef is one of the top choices when speaking about specials of the menu. The best part is that it is opened 24 hours a day!
1310 West 6th Street Los Angeles, CA 90017


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