Update your space with a nod to contemporary style. Learn how to mix your lighting and your furniture.

Today’s contemporary rooms are casual and eclectic with an emphasis on comfort. Contemporary lighting covers all fittings that reflect the style and character of the modern age, and with so many thousands of lights to choose from, we’re going to show you a perfect example of mixing lighting and furniture.

Walmart Offices in São Paulo, Brasil, by Estudio Guto Requena
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The design for the Walmart.com Offices was derived from interviews and dynamic online exchanges with company employees that conducted to assess values​​, needs and expectations. Three principal focal points emerged from this process: digital culture, the Walmart.com brand and brasilidade (Brazilian identity). This research also informed the choice of colors, materials, forms, programing and design concepts.
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To help locate and guide visitors and employees in this large area, they created a unique visual identity for each floor through centralized cocoons that develop organically between the pillars and break the rigidity of the orthogonal space. Each floor was designed with a predominant wood type.
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Workstations are located near windows to take advantage of daylight, and the lighting design prioritizes economy. In lounges and decompression areas indirect light is used in amber hues with decorative fixtures. Specifically created for this project is the hanging Gourd Lamp made from the fruit itself.
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They prioritized the use of domestic furniture with signed pieces by the established Brazilians designers Maurício Arruda, Jader Almeida, Lina Bo Bardi, Paulo Alves and Fernando Jaeger. They also included pieces that are part of the popular Brazilian imagination, such as rocking chairs, beach chairs, porch chairs and picnic tables. For the production of objects and decorative elements were used images of contemporary Brazilian photographers, as well as maps, illustrations and Brazilian folk art. Skateboards and bikes reference the lifestyles of younger employees.
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