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If you are shopping around for quite interesting contemporary Chandeliers, which combine great design with good functionality, then contemporary chandeliers will definitely be the best choice. The following chandeliers are best examples of elegant contemporary lighting solutions.

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Twiggy Ceiling

Ample, linear, essential design combined with strong flexibility characterise the formal elegance and light sophistication.

It has an effective concept for new uses, which preserves all the decorative expressiveness of the original floor version.

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Ideal for a classic living room with a modern touch, Matheny stilnovo suspension lamp came to reinvent classic designs with a high aesthetic feeling. Its shape or dimension can assume a round, oval, square or rectangular format to suit just perfectly your dining table or living room. Composed by geometric golden tubes, it reflects the sophistication of a timeless iconic piece.

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Crystal chandelier

A beautiful crystal chandelier with dimensions of 170 x 250 cm and weighing 80 kg was manufactured into a Berlin church upon a special request of the pope himself. The humble interior was wonderfully lit up after installing the chandelier. Choosing a chandelier into a specific place has in this case really paid off.

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Quantum Chandelier

A bright and bubbly centerpiece for modern spaces. The Currey and Company Quantum Chandelier features numerous delicate blown glass spheres, which appear to drip from the curved wrought iron arms like dewdrops from bending blades of grass. The Contemporary Silver Leaf finish along the frame accentuates the glow of the lustrous glass bubbles.

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Gypsum Rust Black & Crystal Ceiling Light

This lighting fixture is a masterpiece that will brighten up the dining room. The Neo-classic design makes use of modern materials yet the way it has been crafted continues to exhibit the natural, classic look of the old chandeliers. It will definitely capture the attention of anyone right upon walking into the room.

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