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Midcenturymodern Residence by Klopf Architecture




Midcenturymodern Residence by Klopf Architecture

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Klopf Architecture, Outer Space Landscape Architects, and Flegels Construction updated a classical 1950s original midcentury modern house designed by the late Frank Lloyd Wright apprentice Ellis Jacobs. Klopf Architecture pushed the original design intent to make the house more open and uniform from space to space, while improving energy efficiency, capitalizing more on the already incredible views, improving the flow of spaces, providing an outdoor living area, and ratcheting up the quality level of the home in general.

midcentury modern house klopf architecture

The updated custom Modern home is a remodeled single-family house in Redwood City. This 2,000 square foot (plus garage), 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home is located in the heart of the Silicon Valley.

Mid century modern Residence by Klopf Architecture

modern Residence by Klopf Architecture



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