modern wood table

To attribute a Mid Century Modern Style to your home is now easier than ever. Homeowners are flooding the real estate market, hunting for unique mid-century modern gems, for numerous good reasons.

Bring wood back

Engineered pressed wood is most of today’s furniture. Real wood has a center stage concerning the high-quality furnishings of the 50’s. Clean lines of teak, walnut, oak and rosewood are applied in mid-century masterpieces.

modern wood table Mid Century Modern Style to Your Vintage Home

Consider A Re-Model

Consider hiring a design architect to help with some remodeling. Get an airy floor plan by eliminating walls.  Try also a huge floor-to-ceiling fireplace made of natural stone.

mid century fireplace Mid Century Modern Style to Your Vintage Home

Put your lights right

To achieve a mid-century modern home you’ll surely will need unique pendant lights and fixtures, true pieces of sculptural art. These architectural lights and bold lighting will help you to take your home back in time to this era.

bold lighting Mid Century Modern Style to Your Vintage Home


If you go shopping for home goods, you should  combine flea markets, vintage shops, and seeking out many of the unique modern furniture designers who seek for mid-century lines.

flea market Mid Century Modern Style to Your Vintage Home


Include a Bar

A bar for mixing drinks is a nostalgic way to bring back the 50’s. Fill your bar with vintage glasses, expensive liquors and a cocktail shaker.

vintage bar


Go for a Mirror

If placed properly, a mirror can make a space look bigger by reflecting light into a room, or highlight a beautiful backyard landscape by placing it opposite a garden door or window.

vintage mirror

If you follow these stops, your home will be delighted with a mid century touch.