The Millennial Pink 2018 Phenomenon: How it has begun?

Millennial Pink was one of the most important trends in 2018! It has inspired interior designers, architectures, bloggers and all world basically. In a blink of an eye, everyone was using this cute colour and believe us that she came strong and convicted to stay in our lives.

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Millennial Pink: Is It Possible to Be so In Love?

Once upon a time, we have known pink as pink and now we know a brand new colour, the Millenial Pink. It’s like an old pink that can match with any other shade. It was also known as a blush or delicate pink, and now it has its own history that involves all of the things from gender roles to new ideas of beauty, evolution and science.

Millennial Pink: Is It Possible to Be so In Love?

The Millenial Pink is the one and the only trend right now, it can be used in home design decoration just like the picture shows. This colour is clearly used in vintage industrial design because of its old tone and it’s easy to combine with colours like brown, white or black, the usual colours inside a home.

Millennial Pink: Is It Possible to Be so In Love?

Clear to us and certainly for you that every single one of us has a different interpretation of the colours. What it means to us, it doesn’t have to mean the same for you.

Factors like personality, our personal story, our culture, our influences makes it possible for us to interpret the tones in distinctive ways. The same happens with the millennial pink, however, is mainly a feminine colour because it’s always associated with girls, now men and women are in the same way in love with it.

Millennial Pink: Is It Possible to Be so In Love?

This cute and cozy trend quickly spread around the world influence music stars, Hollywood stars who used it in fashion, in their homes, in their life. The Millennial Pink is here to stay!

Millennial Pink: Is It Possible to Be so In Love?

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