contemporary design

Patricia Urquiola is a design living myth. Several of her pieces are displayed in museums and her Fjord armchair is part of MOMA New York’s permanent collection. Discover her unique designs.

comback chair

Using pure and refined lines, Patricia Urquiola projected Comback Chair for Kartell.

We assist to a combination of different materials such as plastic and wood, which are interpreted in a country chic “wood” version with four oak-stained or painted ash wood legs and “rockers”.


This Sweet Foliage Residential Use Chair Patricia Urquiola is an example of elegance and comfort. Furthermore, insert the furniture with a simple pattern will reduce from the overpowering steelcase Patricia Urquiola accent. A little comfort is always come, so take a moment to take a break and receive this great elegant design.

boca do lobo

Patricia Urquiola

Discover the Mangas Collection by Patricia Urquiola, where soft and strong colours are gathered in a perfect combination.

All Gan Rugs are handmade in India. The collaboration with Urquiola unveils her many designer facets, by creating a set of multifunctional modules and rugs. Try to arrange your space in a warm and perfect combination.

 contemporary design

With the crinoline series, Patricia Urquiola’s study on 3D texture reaches formal, soft and sinuous results that develops into seats. She created small armchairs and armchairs that vary in shape and height.


Now that you saw Patricia Urquiola designs, pick up your favourite among our selection.

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