Finding the perfect color for your bedroom is always a fun but puzzling task. You can end up with many uncertainties and fear of not making the right color choice. It’s not just about picking the colors you like but the ones that go along together.

And don’t forget,  pick your furniture and accessories colors first, as getting that right can of paint is much easier.

There are many beautiful color schemes to choose from and I have made a nice selection of some of my favorite Bedroom Color Schemes.You will notice that a lot of emphasis is given to the bed, as this is likely the biggest influence in how the room feels. Also, White is a color that is almost always used throughout, so you can assume it’s there along with the others.

Perfect Bedroom Interior Design Color Schemes

This modern color scheme is very balanced if done right. Grey is very easy on the eyes and the yellow pops draw attention to where you need it most and in a joyful way, just don’t over do it. This color scheme however is not very suitable if you have low natural light and need plenty of it. It’s still great in bedrooms if sleeping and relaxing is what you end up doing the most there.

Perfect Bedroom Interior Design Color Schemes 2

Blue is a much appreciated color, you can fit it in almost any style and mood if its tone is the right one. It is also quite easy to find a good complimentary color to it. Coral is a soft sensuous color that i like to match with blue hues. You can get a nice relaxing underwater feel from this combination.

Perfect Bedroom Interior Design Color Schemes 3

Dark low saturation colors will give a mellow mood to the room. It this case I have picked grey and brown which is quite warm as well. Metals add a nice touch to this color combination as well if you are looking into making a colder and sleek interior.

Perfect Bedroom Interior Design Color Schemes

Kind of like the one before but in a brighter scheme, this one is better used if you want more natural light in your bedroom. Bluish tones are also more appropriate to balance out the warm extra lighting.

Perfect Bedroom Interior Design Color Schemes 5

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