10 perfect mid-century modern dressing table designs FEATURED

[tps_header] A Dressing Table is an increasingly significant furniture piece in a mid-century modern bedroom design. Besides, it is also a piece which is used on a daily basis, and ought to not only be visually pleasing, as well as practical. This is a kind of piece that you should choose carefully because it has to fit not only with your home but with you, with your personality.

As a fundamental piece in the overall bedroom decor or dressing room layout, luxury dressing tables have various variables which should be taken into consideration, when browsing for a final selection. From the overall design traces – clean lines, classic or modern look, to its several detailed elements – drawers, handles, legs, mirror, and so on.

This gallery as 10 perfect dressing tables, from simple pieces, to intricately ones. Take a look!



10 perfect mid-century modern  designs 1

A simple and beautiful dressing table in wood.