Madrid is an important city to create a luxurious interior design, yet any lover of modern, contemporary interiors or any other style has to select furniture. Today we have selected some of the most important Luxury Showrooms In Madrid, from LA Studio to Gunni & Trentino are the options that you can inspire with their exclusive furniture. All of them have a store to exceed the expectations of each client or each lover of furniture design. These Luxury Showrooms are a trend in Madrid, they are the ones that change a trend or a powerful environment. We present a list of stores that can exceed the needs and create an exclusive experience for anyone.

1 – Batavia

Where To Shop – The Best Luxury Showrooms In Madrid

BATAVIA is one of the Luxury Showrooms that you are going to look at in Madrid, it has 3 pieces of furniture, it was founded in 1996 in the spirit of offering complete solutions in contemporary architectural space and until now they are a reference for all interior lovers. They have world brands of contemporary furniture, and we combine this with the search for antique or vintage pieces from the elite of 20th century designers, already converted into decoration classics. BATAVIA develops its own designs and works on some of these pieces to adapt them to current trends.

2 – BoConcept

Where To Shop – The Best Luxury Showrooms In Madrid

BoConcept was founded in Denmark in 1952 and has seen a brand of excellence in the retail lifestyle, it has thirty stores in more than sixty countries, Spain and Madrid are one of the references. They produce and sell contemporary furniture, accessories and lighting for living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, desks and outdoor areas. Also each client to create one can personalize all their luxurious spaces, from the furniture to the project, they are a reference and each of their Shworooms and stores are perfect to look at and inspire.

3 – DoDesign

Where To Shop – The Best Luxury Showrooms In Madrid

One of the Luxury Showrooms with a powerful beauty, I present DoDesign, which means more than just a place to shop. This was the inspiration to start this project, it has a space in which to live an experience, in which to walk, have a coffee or simply observe and be inspired. Art, fashion and design are the highlights here, where you can look and mix ideas and inspiration to create a luxurious and modern space.

4 – Francisco Segarra

Where To Shop – The Best Luxury Showrooms In Madrid

Francisco Segarra is one of the main interior designers in Madrid, he still has two powerful and perfect Luxury Showrooms. It has an extensive catalog of furniture for interior design in commercial facilities, hotels and offices in one space. This firm was founded by his family, they are a reference for those who like modern furniture, they are a reference for any lover of the most powerful and luxurious interior design.

5 – Gunni & Trentino

Where To Shop – The Best Luxury Showrooms In Madrid

I start this selection of Luxury Showrooms with one of the most important you have in Madrid, Gunni & Trentino, they are a reference for those who like exclusive and modern furniture. Gunni works with the best materials, products and brands to ensure a durable result and interior design of the highest quality. Surpassing the needs and quality of each piece is essential. It has a wide range of products that covers all styles of decoration. Still Gunni and Trentino are one of the most important Luxury Showrooms in Madrid and it has its own brand: Gunni & Trentino in Kitchens, Wardrobes, Flooring and Cladding

6 – Hermes

Where To Shop – The Best Luxury Showrooms In Madrid

As we all know, Hermès is a reference to the level of interiors and furniture, it has found one of its Luxury Showrooms in Madrid, on the main street, it has a selection of powerful and luxurious pieces. It combines tradition with the essence of the house. The access is the street of Seville. It is done through a double door illuminated by Grecques balloons, a must in all Hermès stores around the world.

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7 – Hi Guille

Where To Shop – The Best Luxury Showrooms In Madrid

Guille is an important Interior Designer in Madrid who, since he was a child with modern interiors, has a wide range of projects, interiors and ideas to present to each person or lover of interior design. Guille is an interior design specialist with the collaboration of Guille García-Hoz. All his projects are very special, from projects for houses, restaurants to the Casa Decor event, with details, colors and an exclusive experience. Still with its wide recognition, it has founded one of the most important “small” Luxury Showrooms in Madrid, where it has its history with powerful pieces and furniture.


Where To Shop – The Best Luxury Showrooms In Madrid

Each space has powerful and luxurious themes, one of the Luxury Showrooms is this, Ibermaison, which is located on one of the main streets in Madrid. It has a luxurious and powerful selection of furniture of all styles, from modern to mid-century, a reference in Madrid, which has a powerful history and is a reference.

9 – ICON

Where To Shop – The Best Luxury Showrooms In Madrid

Iconno is an interior design company but it has one of the main Showrooms in Madrid. It has a home space, designer bathrooms, Home Spa and Wellness of O’Donnell there is a second Luxury Showroom in Jorge Juan dedicated to Home, Office and Kitchens, you can visit and here you have many references and luxurious inspiration.

10 – LA Studio
Where To Shop – The Best Luxury Showrooms In Madrid

LA Studio is one of the luxury Showrooms that you have had pleasure to visit in Madrid. It has an exclusive store to create a powerful experience for each customer. It has a story “of meeting between the creativity of our designers and the savoir-faire of the artisans.” They are one of the Showrooms that has more world references and is based on the search for unique and exclusive pieces. Mix art with pieces that create a luxurious and powerful space. Madrid became a space city with the presence of LA Studio.




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