Mid Century Style is the New ‘New’! Vintage Industrial Style’s Blog joined the best mid-century spaces!

Mid Century Design is very acclaimed nowadays and we definitely understand why! The clean lines and iconic designs of this period are at once timeless and modern. Get inspired by these seven rooms that embody the best of classic and current! Mid-century Design is very acclaimed nowadays and we can definitely understand why!

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7 Spaces with Mid Century Style You Have To See! 1

Neutral colors and a mid-century floor lamp is all you need to get the fifties’ vibes!
It is impossible to say NO, NO, NO to this mid-century beauty! This vintage floor lamp was inspired by the great jazz singer and songwriter: Amy Winehouse. Amy has a vintage retro style that embodies the soul of the British artist and the 50’s interior design style.

7 Spaces with Mid Century Style You Have To See! 2

Black colors and geometrical forms are a must when we are talking about mid-century design. Atomic Pendant Lamp has the mid-century design mixed with the tribute to the science’s discoveries. This stylish suspended ceiling light is the right fit for a contemporary living room, or even for a more modern master bedroom.

7 Spaces with Mid Century Style You Have To See! 4

Mid-century furniture and lighting, neutral colors and some gold details are the needed ingredients for the mid-century recipe!  The perfect study table lamp, this is definitely the lighting fixture you will want in your modern home office or living room!

7 Spaces with Mid Century Style You Have To See! 5

A beautiful chandelier screams mid-century all the way! And combined with geometrical furniture and neutral colors, well… it will make the design lovers’ day! Botti chandelier is a mid-century lamp and you’ll feel like you are in the middle of one of Chris Botti’s concerts! Perfect to transform your living room into the ultimate trend setter.

7 Spaces with Mid Century Style You Have To See! 8

One of the most distinguished features of the mid-century style is definitely its clean lines and simplicity. A neutral room with a black geometrical sofa and some lighting hanging fixtures will do the trick! Coltrane Suspension is one of the most minimalistic design pieces from DelightFULL and due to its versatility, it can added to every room!

7 Spaces with Mid Century Style You Have To See! 10(1)

The leather sofa – with these nails details – takes us immediately to the fifties. Evans Floor Lamp will add a special glow to your mid-century living room décor!

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