THREE by Stuart Fingerhut
THREE light is a new addition to the SFD lighting family. THREE can be hung as a solo accent piece or in a constellation arrangement. THREE is constructed from laser cut sheets of metalized extruded acrylic. The layering of concentric rings create dramatic light and shadow effects to match the mood or the environment. THREE is available in brushed brass and black and brushed aluminum and black.

The Classy Chandelier, by Namuh Design
The Classy Chandelier
Shown in gloss white, with aluminum arms and plum candlesticks.
The Classy Chandelier 2

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Vialattea, by Paolo Mangarano for Formabilio
Vialattea immediately becomes protagonist of your interior thanks to its independent character, unconventional and powerful. It is conceived for those who do not just to light up a room, but be amazed.
Vialattea 2
Its unconventional design comes from the rich variety of the lamp shades finishing, different for shape and compared to the essentiality of the metal tube structure. Perfect to give a creative touch to the dining table or desk, gorgeous in the living room.

Crinoline chandelier, by Baccarat
Crinoline chandelier
A wind of modernity blows on the original model and bestows it with a minimalist touch. The revisited chandelier continues to express the subtle delicateness of the crystal and the mystery of its infinite reflections.

Zénith Chandelier 48 Lights, by Baccarat
Zenith Chandelier 48 Lights
Zenith chandelier says exactly what the Danish Designer Louise Campbell was trying to express. Her Nervous Zenith piece showcasing her instinct, successfully reworks the older, original version. Dissipating the sacred aura of this archetypical chandelier, Campbell’s creation is eccentric and expressionistic. Together with its myriad of tiny imperfections, it is somewhat human in character.

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