Lamps play a key decorative role, in addition to providing needed illumination, isn’t that so?
So, a beautiful room isn’t perfect until the lighting is complete. Selecting lamps is often an afterthought, but it requires as much thought as other home fashions purchases, not just for the light the lamps provide, but for the aesthetic quality they bring to your decorating scheme.
Believe us when we say that the perfect lamp will light up your rooms.

1. Kiem table lamp for NOBU by Sander Bakker
NOBU is one of the world’s most recognized restaurants, known for its exquisite Japanese cuisine and celebrity owner Robert de Niro.
Kiem is a hospitality grade cordless table lamp, commissioned by NOBU restaurants. The design is derived from the original Blom table lamp, which is based on natural growth. However, it has been shrunken to fit unobtrusively on a restaurant table. In addition, it features a base cut out of a solid piece of North American Black Walnut wood. The inside of the lamp has been engineered to be splash water proof, and can therefore be used in- or outdoors.

2. ROCKY Dancing Colours LED designer lamp by Isabel Heubl
ROCKY Dancing Colours is a patented LED designer lamp based on the concept of “emotional design” and constructed as a “tumbler toy”. ROCKY is the first lamp which adds a dynamic dimension to lighting design: Push the lamp over and its innovative technology produces a different light colour with every back and forth motion – ROCKY is as a truly interactive lamp.

3. Difusa Lamp by Original Joan Lao
This beautiful collection of wooden lamps with shades of the same material recreates magical scenes through a light which is as suggestive as it is warm. The shapes of these lamps are based on minimalist feelings which remind us of more traditional forms despite being obviously modern. A dialogue between day and night, tradition and vanguard, essence and emotion.

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4. Alan, by 7Gods
Alan Table Lamp
Alan is an elegant table lamp thats handcrafted using leafs of pleated PVC. The organic shape with its repeating lines gives off a warm atmospheric glow.

5. Levels lamp by Form Us With Love for One NordicLevels-lamp-by-Form-Us-With-Love-for-One-Nordic
The large, rounded metal forms of the Levels pendent lamp makes it stand out with minimalistic yet charming characteristics. Levels is a metal pendent lamp made of multiple parts, assembled without tools. Designed by Form Us With Love, Levels stands out with iconic and charming characteristics. Made from metal sheets spun and pushed around a rotating mandrel, the lamps are given a fold at the end to support the structure. This fold enables the different shades to hang from one another.

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