Top ceiling light examples

Are you with a problem about lighting for you home? Don’t want the usual floor lamps or table lamps? So what’s the option? Ceiling lights! There are different ceiling light fixtures for you to choose the best for your home and they will provide a contemporary lighting to your home.

Ceiling lights can not only light up your whole room – they’re a great way to show off your style, too. From spotlights to flush ceiling lamps to pendants that make a design statement, there’s a lot of options for you to choose your favorite.

Here you can find our choices for top home ceiling lights! You have so many inspiring ambiances to get inspired! Enjoy it!


Atomic by Delightfull

Best ceiling light fixtures 

Atomic is a big ceiling light with a luxury touch. Perfect for a restaurant or for a big room! It is so imposing and sophisticated! Just love it!


Best ceiling light fixtures 

An assymetric light gives always a great effect and here we have an example of that. Love the classic decoration, the lines on the walls and the effect of the ceiling lamps, what a perfect mix!

Serj Rubalevsky

Best ceiling light fixtures 

What an amazing detail for an office! Discreet and sophisticated, this white and assymetric ceiling lamp gives a great effect and fits perfectly!

Warm Architects

Best ceiling light fixtures 

Just love the straight lines with recessed light combined with the white chandelier! It is the best solution for an open space.

Gallery Hip

Best ceiling light fixtures

Love the mix between the straight lines and the curves. Ceiling lights are never too much and four ir a great number! Love the mix between the white and the wood, perfect!

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