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Be amazed with this elegant and confortable design about vintage lounge chairs, you can be sure you will encounter vintage style, nostalgic, iconic and good quality design, as you know that passed through the ages , and continue being avant-garde products.

Matis is a tribe with a history full of rituals. Matis armchair was inspired by their less colourful but the most musical ritual, the ritual of Capybara. During this ceremony, they do not paint their body; instead they apply wet clay to their bodies and make sounds like capybaras. Matis armchair was designed to let you have a private moment to feel the music trough its color; velvet softness and majestic structure. Size: height 114 cm, seat height 40 cm, width 77 cm, depth88 cm. Materials: synthetic leather, ebony. Production time is between four to six weeks for Brabbu collection. Delivery time is not included. All of our furniture can be made to measure and it isavailable in different finishes.

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matis lounge chair by brabbu design forces


A vintage orange wool and teak lounge chair in the style of the Hans Wegner “Papa Bear Chair” Circa 1958. The original upholstery on this chair has been professionally cleaned, the seat deck webbing is new, along with the cotton and foam seat cushion. Very comfortable to sit, with a soft spring lumbar support back.

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papa bear chair by hans wegner

Beautiful “Elda” armchair in its original upholstery, one of the first designs of Joe Colombo and named after his wife.
The deep brown shell shaped body with its comfortable orange inner leather shields the seater from surrounding happenings and ensures sound insulation. The revolving system of 360 degrees rotation and the wheels still ensure the users’ mobility. Like his pipe the Elda Chair soon became Joe Colombo’s trademark.

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elda armchair by joe colombo


‘Hyaline’ Chair made by the Designer Fabio Lenci, produced in Italy and first manufactured in the 70´s, composed by glass, aluminum and leather , with 70 cm height. Fabio Lenci was born in Rome in 1935 of a father and industrial manufacturer. He began the design in 1962 and in 1965 he won first prize for designing kitchens of Trieste. It carries many prestigious projects in the area of the house, sofa, kitchen, lamps, with the publisher Guzzini (Austria).

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lounge chair by Fabio Lenci


‘Porsche Full Leather Lounge Recliner Chair’ Known as Interprofil “IP845”. designed by Ferdinand A. Porsche of Porsche, Europe and was one of only several that were made in 1984. Made of the finest European leather. The base is heavy metal and leather inserts on each arm. The chair reclines from sitting upright to almost completely flat by winding the knob on one side of an arm rest.

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lounge chair by porsche design