Purest modern interiors are very refreshing and brilliantly uncomplicated but we are quite fond of the attitude change of modern interior projects of late. Offering a dramatic sea-change in the minimalist aesthetic, moody spaces like Vintage Industrial Style selected for professional architects and interior designers are unexpectedly “spiced” with various ranges of design lapms and colour palettes are anchored by golden, brass surfaces combining with navies and greys whilst the whole look hinges on a rebellious sensibility. Here’s how to create a space that’s more gorgeous than gloomy and even more than usual, lighting is paramount in these modern interior design projects! Layer your scheme with modern brass chandeliers, crystal chandeliers,classic chandeliers, modern wall sconces, beautifully oversized chandeliers, designer floor lamps and finally – outdoor lighting! Create atmospheric lightning solutions for your modern interior design projects.


One of the biggest design trends happening for 2015 is the resurgence of brass lighting for the home, especially modern brass chandeliers. Gold and brass metallics automatically bring warmth to any space and have the ability to strike the perfect balance between modern and traditional. Try adding a luxury brass sconce to the living room or bold brass pendant lightsto your dining room and you’ll find that adding just a touch a brass to your home or interior design project is an easier design trend than you may think.

Trends 2015: chandeliers

“Artisan” brass chandelier   

Trends 2015: chandeliers


Walking into a room to see an elegant yet modern crystal chandelier displayed is always refreshing and pleasing to the eye. I love pairing simple furniture with flashy lighting. It’s a fun juxtaposition that offers a lot of depth. It also allows the eye to focus directly on the light and makes it a nice focal point.

Crystal chandeliers are classy and timeless. Above we see a crystal chandelier in a very streamlined space. I can only imagine how the light hits the crystals while the sun is shining.

Most of the time, we see a chandelier hung low over the space. To create a room that looks taller, try hanging the chandelier higher. It gives the illusion that your ceilings are higher.

Trends 2015: chandeliers

Do you want your modern interior design project to be stylish fan, but remain glam aswell? Don’t worry, you can have your cake and eat it too! There’s one thing that always looks great, no matter your home style, and that’s contrast. The contrast of a clean, modern space with a sparkly crystal chandelier, is quite eye-catching. It looks amazing. There are plenty of modern style crystal chandeliers to choose from but don’t be afraid to use a traditional style fixture in your modern home interior, the results are stunning!

Koket “Eternity” chandelier

Trends 2015: chandeliers


Let’s agree to agree: chandeliers aren’t just for parents’ homes, grandparents’ homes and the Palace of Versailles anymore. For amodern chandelier take, look no further than the space-race-inspired Sputnik light at the top of this post. Or with their liberal, updated approach to form, brushed nickel chandeliers like the one below have the look of instant classics.

Jonathan Adler “Sputnik” brass chandelier

Trends 2015: chandeliers

Excessive ornament may be on the out of style in contemporary design, but the fundamentals are still there: namely an attention to intrigue, balance of form, and quality of materials. Combine those influences and you’ve got yourself a classic chandelier, modernized and magnificent.


Lighting is one of the most important elements in a room – modern wall sconces. They light up the space and draws attention to the details and design you’ve worked so hard to create. Wall sconces are a great way to bring accent lighting into a space, and they’re often times forgotten in the realm of lighting.

Trends 2015: chandeliers

Today Design Contract rounded up some stylish modern wall sconces. Whether you’re looking to add an accent light in an entryway, hallway, living room (flanking the fireplace would be beautiful!) or in your bathroom, there are endless options. From rustic to contemporary to modern and classic, you’re sure to find one that fits the task and style of your space.

Bestlite “Horne” wall sconce


Did you know that modern light sconces with uplighting in a bathroom (hung right about the middle of the mirror) is the most flattering light to put your makeup on in? It’s true! Good lighting in a bathroom makes a world of difference in your morning routine.

And for those who aren’t ready to let crystal go just yet, look for faceted droplets and bubbles in contemporary designs Deligfhtfull Atomic wall are just perfect for stylish exclamation points in your home.

Delightfull “Atomic” sconce




With spring in the air it’s time to set your sights on sprucing up your outdoor spaces. One of the easiest, and most effective ways to do so is by updating your outdoor lighting.

Trends 2015: chandeliers

If you’re a traditionalist start by adding a pair of outdoor lanterns to each side of your front door and you’ll create an instant update, while still maintaining a classic look. A bright painted door and some amazing topiary’s don’t hurt either.

Get inspired with Delightfull “Outdoor” lightning collection

Trends 2015: chandeliers


When choosing modern lighting for any space, there are two mantras… The bigger the better, and if you can hang it you should… Which usually implies using beautifully oversized chandeliers. Owersized chandeliers bring the drama to any interior design project and when done correctly it can literally be the jewelry of the room, the focal point, and in many cases a work of art.

Trends 2015: chandeliers

Sometimes the bigger the chandelier, the better. If you want to wow your guests, go large and low. This is a unique space because of the tones being so soft and similar. The texture of the chandelier is what makes it pop.

Delightfull ” Matheny” suspension

Trends 2015: chandeliers

With so many options out there it’s important to determine a few things right of the bat. The first being what kind of look are you trying to achieve? Modern, delicate, simple, etc? For example, try a glass chandelier for a more delicate look while a brass chandelier  can help you create a more contemporary aesthetic.

Tom Dixon

Trends 2015: chandeliers

To help you begin your hunt for the beautifully oversized chandelier Design Contract share with you favorite looks from oversized to just the right size. For starters, you can never go wrong with the classic sputnik style chandelier like this Sputnik Modern Brass Crystal Jonathan Adler Chandelier. If you like a lot more bling, but still want to keep your home modern, then try more clean lines chandelier while still making a statement, or try shaded chandeliers like.


Design Contract fully supports this trend. Obviously, designer floor lamps add function to any space, but the brass detail instantly adds a sophisticated, handsome-ness to any room!

Trends 2015: chandeliers

Try adding a punch of white – brass floor lamp for a clean, modern aesthetic! This space above full acknowledges the beautiful marriage of warm wood finishes and brass. A perfect combo.No matter how minimal the design, brass ads so much style to a modern space!  Stylish designer floor lamps are one of the best sources of light, they overhead lighting for creating warm pools of directed light and a cozy atmosphere in almost every room. Also, designer floor lamps with modern style not only illuminate a space, they also bring tons of personality with them as statement pieces.