iSaloni 2019 has just started, and we want to invite you to do a tour on DelightFULL’s booth!

iSaloni, or Salone del Mobile Milano, is considered one of the most important design trade shows. During 6 days, Milan will be the stage of several important design brands to expose their novelties. DelightFULL, as usual, has its spot: Pav 13 | Stand H 24. Head there and have the opportunity to travel back in time to the fifties, with its mid-century pieces!

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Breaking News: Have a Tour on DelightFULL's booth at iSaloni!

Breaking News: Have a Tour on DelightFULL's booth at iSaloni!

Welcome to DelightFULL’s World! As you probably know, DelightFULL is a Portuguese Lighting Brand with a mid-century style, inspired by the jazz music industry. Pretty much every single lighting piece was inspired by a jazz singer, musician and composer, and they were named after their inspirations.

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Breaking News: Have a Tour on DelightFULL's booth at iSaloni!

DelightFULL’s booth, however, didn’t want to have products and more products, they wanted to create a perfect mid-century ambiance, where you can feel that you’re back to the fifties and sixties, with a contemporary twist! There is where Essential Home enters the show!

Breaking News: Have a Tour on DelightFULL's booth at iSaloni!

Before we start the tour, do you want to take a drink? Perhaps, a glass full of the magnificent Porto’s wine? And while you’re enjoying your glass of wine, be amazed by one of DelightFULL’s iconic pieces: Ike Suspension. This Scandinavian design is handmade in brass and aluminum, you can customize it, and the best part is that it will fit any style décor and room of your house!

Breaking News: Have a Tour on DelightFULL's booth at iSaloni!

By the way, you can also scan our QR code, and download our press kit, full of novelties and HQ images!


This beautiful mid-century dining room is the perfect example of a great set of furnishing and lighting! All the main design trends of 2019 are here: neutral colors, clean lines, mid-century lighting, shinny elements, a touch of nature (plants) and, of course, the geometric patterned rug. Here, you can see two of the novelties of the brand: Neil wall lamp, an amazing and peculiar wall design that will provide your dining room a mesmerizing effect! Second, the Vaughan Suspension lamp with a gold plated finish and an exquisite design.


Of course, there is always room for the iconic pieces, and Turner Table lamp is one of them. Inspired by the dynamic singer Tina Turner, Turner lamp is exactly like its inspiration! You can turn Turner as many times as you want into the desired position, due to its 5 movable arcs!

Coltrane wall lamp and Miles Table lamp couldn’t miss the chance to attend the trade show as well!

If you’re tired, you can sit down a little bit on this mid-century armchair, while appreciating some of teh contract lighting pieces we have to offer! More quantities, more solutions! The brand has a bigger production now, and it’s able to produce more, however with the same quality!

We don’t want to rush you, but we are sure that these brighting lights are catching your attention! The Graphic Collection is very well represented at this year’s edition! Letters, number and a symbol, inspired by the bright light of the city of Angles, LA. We usually say that not even the sky is a limit!

Last, but definitely not least, we would like to show you around our mid-century living room. We’re sure that if you’re there, you’ll immediately think of yourself having a little and private cocktail party with friends and family. Once again, the center of attention of this room is one of the brand’s novelties: Carter Ceiling, and we are sure that you won’t miss the shot to see it for yourself, in PAV 13 | Stand H24 , until the 14th of April, at iSaloni.

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