Summer is just around the corner, and this means that you need to start thinking about your Outdoor and Indoor Décor! Vintage Industrial Style Blog is here to back you up with the best inspirations from social media! 

Summer is almost here, and the warm wheather invites us to go outside and spend some quality time with our family and friends. We’ve been facing a rough period, however it is importan to #stayhome to protect humankind. Thus, it has never been so important to head to our small backyard or garden to take some fresh air and forget about our problems for a couple of moments! We will show you the best outdoor lighting designs and also furniture combinations, so your can warm up your outside space with these mesmerizing and refreshing outdoor décor ideas … and also the best indoor ideas to bring Nature and beach vibes inside the house!



Outdoors are usually underrated, and people don’t usually spend time decorating it, the thing they don’t know is that they are losing the chance to create something unique that will make a lot of memories with family and friends.

Having a meal outside like dinner, having a rink, enjoying a nice cup of coffee in a lazy Sunday sound better if it’s outside. Besides that, like we said before, Summer is just around the corner and we believe that the situation will be fixed, so  barbacue season will be a huge thing, so start preparing your outdoor entertaining!

  Brilliant Summer Décor Inspirations To Welcome Warmer Weather ☀️       Graphic Collection – DelightFULL


Who said that you need to be outside to feel beach vibes? If you don’t have a garden, backyard or balcony, there is no problem! Bring the outside indoors!

Brilliant Summer Décor Inspirations To Welcome Warmer Weather ☀️

One of the biggest summer trends will definitely be mid-century outdoor décor – the mix between the present and the past, searching for an endless summer. You really need to take your house décor to another level by getting inspired by fun summer décor ideas!


Brilliant Summer Décor Inspirations To Welcome Warmer Weather ☀️

Hanna Floor Lamp – DelightFULL

Brilliant Summer Décor Inspirations To Welcome Warmer Weather ☀️

Galliano Pendant Lamp – DelightFULL

Brilliant Summer Décor Inspirations To Welcome Warmer Weather ☀️

Letter C | Graphic Collection – DelightFULL

Not leaving the house can be a challenge, but if you’re lucky enough to have a spare space like this to create a sunroom, we bet quarantine is not going to be as hard! A sunroom is the best place of the house where you can enjoy your lazy sunday coffee, read a good book or enjoy a nice glass of wine with a special person. There is a sunroom for all tastes, but we have to say that our favorites are definitely the mid-century modern ones: when the past and the present are in a perfect harmony, with unique details such as an unexpected wallpaper and sun-bleached hues. Let your inner self bloom in this speacial place dedicated to nature!

Brilliant Summer Décor Inspirations To Welcome Warmer Weather ☀️

Janis Floor Lamp – DelightFULL

A fresh room that will give you beachy vibes you’re needing! A monochromatic scenary that will make you feel relaxed. To add a little depth to the room, different textures are being used such as the fur of the rug and the subtle lines of the marble. The golden mid-century floor lighting piece is the cherry on the top!

Brilliant Summer Décor Inspirations To Welcome Warmer Weather ☀️

Dorsey Suspension Lamp – DelightFULL

Contemporary means ‘at the moment’, which makes this style particularly hard to define. Dating back to the 1970s, this style is unique because it borrows elements from many other aesthetics. In it, you can see nods to modern, traditional, art deco and even futuristic design. Nowadays, it can be defined by neutral colors, clean an curved lines and minimalismOpen spaces with windowed walls are also a strong architecture feature, that we can see here!

Brilliant Summer Décor Inspirations To Welcome Warmer Weather ☀️

Miles Floor Lamp – DelightFULL
For many, windowed walls are considered the grear escape to the outside world.“For this year, new homes are more open to nature and the countryside, and what better way to do this by having a glass window wall. Glass window walls give you a taste of nature without leaving your home. You have the view with a little natural warmth and light from the sun every day”

Glass King

Brilliant Summer Décor Inspirations To Welcome Warmer Weather ☀️

Diana Suspension Lamp – DelightFULL

This dreamy apartment kitchen will make you feel like you’re in the middle of the clouds! A sun-beached décor with a vintage industrial style suspension lamp stealing all the attention!


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