Comfy mid-century pillow selection

Vintage Industrial Style is back with a brand new post from our vintage home accessories series. This one is dedicated to a very special item: mid-century pillows. 

Comfortable, beautiful pillows are welcome in any area of the house, so scroll down and get delighted with our selection.

Comfy mid-century selection

Comfy mid-century selection

image © Zazzle

1. Home decor accessories – Using a wide variety of images, you can decorate the upholstery in a fantastic way! Light blue or black lines transport you to the retro true essence.

Comfy mid-century selection

image © Omero home

2. Retro pillows- With different finishings and using raw material, handmade pillows for a rustic environment are simply incredible!

Comfy mid-century selection

image © Povylore

3. Interior design- For every scenario, there is a specific pillow! For a more joyful pillow surely you will have to choose a colourful pillow with a playful draw. Many are inspired by Nature and Animals!

omfy mid-century selection

Comfy mid-century selection pillow

image © Knock off Decor

4. Industrial Design- The core of the vintage industrial design is the neutral colours and formless shapes… Rusted pillows with a worn out look. Go for it and grab one!

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Sources and Photo Courtesy: Knock off Decor | Povylore | Omemore home | Zazzle

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