It’s time to show you a “new” way of decorate your living room. If you have a bit of extra floor space, a tripod lamp is an choice that can add ambiance, reading light, and conversation-worthy style to any room in your home. Lamp designers are grabbing inspiration from a range of influences, adding a slew of interesting tripod lamp choices. What follows are 10 different styles to consider for occupying an otherwise dead corner, for providing good reading light next to your sofa or lounge chair.

The Surveyor’s Style Lamp: these floor lamps are inspired by the stands surveyors use, hence the name. Here a pair of polished surveyor style lamps frame the inside of a spectacular window and add to the symmetry of the space. They are also the only elements that add a bit of black to that wall.

The Photographer’s Lamp: surveying not for you? Maybe your fantasy had more to do with being a fashion photographer in a fabulous loft.
These oversize photographer lights fit the scale of this vast loft. In a room with ceilings this high, you need to incorporate other objects that draw the eye up, and the variety of tall heights on these lamps do the job.

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The Tripode Lamp: this lamp stands out from the pack of other tripod lamps because its base is delicate and resembles a trio of Pick-Up Sticks. The slender legs of this style take up less room but draw the eye with their clever, well-balanced arrangement.
This is another great example of tripod lamps adding some much-needed height to the furnishings.

The Half Tripod: this is half tripod, half single rod. It has a bit of a retro Mad Men vibe, almost as if the top of the tripod base may have been an ashtray back in the days when people thought smoking was good for their lungs and smoked in the office all day.
Imagine this corner without the lamp — dead and tricky space. The half tripod is a perfect solution, lighting up the corner and giving us something beautiful to look at.

The Drop Dead Legs Tripod: these tripods have legs up to their necks, literally, and taper down into spiky points at the floor. This adds a sharp, crisp element to the room, whether you choose black, a natural wood tone or a metal finish. Here a spiky tripod is a great addition to the window bay. The long straight legs and implied triangles provide needed contrast to the curvaceous furniture and accessories.5

Wide Legged Jeanne: this room has a few dominant textures such as the tapestry, the fur throw, the sculpture and the plant. The other furnishings need to take a bit of a backseat. This tripod is an excellent choice because of its white shade and chrome base, which do not compete with the textures. Meanwhile, the large scale of the base and shade can stand up to the large proportions of this room.

The Barely There Tripod Lamp: while most models take up a fair amount of floor space, this slim version is only about 22″ in diameter.
If your space is limited and the main items in the room are small scale, like this fireplace, a barely-there tripod lamp is a good solution.

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