Who doesn’t love vintage tripod lamps? We certainly do!
Check out these vintage tripod lamps that we have in stored to you…

This is a hand-crafted tripod lamp: The base is a vintage wooden photography tripod. The lamp top is a repurposed antique stage light made by the Kliegl Bros.

Nautical Spotlight – Tripod Floor Lamp
Nautical Spotlight
A hand-crafted tripod lamp where the top is a salvaged boat searchlight, retrofitted for indoor lighting and the base is an antique wooden camera tripod.

The lamp top is an amazing salvaged chrome boat searchlight by the Half Mile Ray Company.

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wooden Thalhammer
The base is a wooden Thalhammer camera tripod with chrome plated camera mount. The top is hand assembled matching lamp set.

The tripod is an antique Craig Thalhammer from the mid-century.

Caged Search Light – Tripod Lamp
Caged Search Light
Inspired by the vintage marine signal lamps, this Caged Search tripod floor lamp has a robust yet classic feeling to it which goes well with many styles such as modern, industrial and rustic. They can fill up a lot of the unused space without taking away the airy and voluminous feeling of the design.

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