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If you want elegance, sophistication and glamor you think Holllywood, right?

Hollywood has been known as the place where dreams come true…

How about having the perfect vintage style scenary of films that made their dream home?

Imagine yourself enter in your home and sit on the couch with Marylin Monroe in the movie “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes”, will go directly to Hollywood with a simple thought …
What if your entire house was designed in this way?

1920x1440-beached-themed-living-room-decor-blissfully-domestic-driftwood  How to Decorate with Vintage Hollywood Style 1920x1440 beached themed living room decor blissfully domestic driftwood

If we travel back to the old mid century Hollywood, that image will remind us neo classical and art deco. This time in Hollywood was marked by very different types of styles that lead us to travel further, the old Greek, Roman buildings and the detailed decoration at home to the house. We become lovers of different combinations of movements and sensations.

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If we encounter a space in which the dominating colors are purple, lilac and black, a tree completely naked in the middle and tones fleeing ghost type. We are definitely entering a dark panorama, creating a dramatic effect to the best scene from a horror movie.

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If we remember the old Hollywood movies,  we have black and white in strong tones prevaling. We can imagine the scenary, living room where Marilyn Monroe is to drink a glass of champagne sitting in the Diamond Sideboard from Boca do Lobo.

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