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Vintage Industrial Style Blog is here to back you up with all the latest news about design, lifestyle and luxury. However, there is a new feature waiting for you! If you’re a true design aficionado, we’re sure that you won’t miss the chance ton download for free our latest Ebooks about the most renowned interior designers of the world, and we’re also sure that you want to keep youserlf updated with the latest design trends. Continue scrolling and check out how it’s easy to get there!


If you’re one of the followers of this blog, it’s because you’re a true design lover or professional, ready to read the latest news we have for you! From articles about the best interior designers of the world, to the best design projects, and, of course, the best curated design lighting anf furnishing pieces. Inspirations Blog has a brand new feature on the blog, a special ‘thank you’ to all our lovely readers!

How To Access The Page and Download? 🔎

Design Lovers Alert 🚨 7 Free Ebooks You Cannot Miss!

To access the page you just go HERE or click on the Ebooks category on the navigation bar of the website. You’ll be presented with a menu with all the Ebooks available. To download one or more Ebooks, you just have to click on the banner or the cover and you’ll be redirected to our Download Area. After that, you just need to fill the form and your download will start automatically. If you would love to search for specific ebooks you can use the navbar on the page. We also give you similar ebook suggestions in each ebook page!

Filling The Form ✍️

It’s the basic information you’ll have to fill. Name, Email and Country. We are also asking for you to fill the Industry field so we can better adequate our offer to your needs. You’ll also be asked to fill in a field for your website (if you have one) so we can contact you in the future if that’s your desire. After that, you’ll receive an Automatic Response in your email that will allow you to download the same ebook on a later occasion, in case you accidentally delete the Ebook or in case you want to access the Ebook in other platforms. You can download as many Ebooks as you want and you can give the same email address and contact info for all of them.

Best Mid-Century Interior Designers Ebook

Design Lovers Alert 🚨 7 Free Ebooks You Cannot Miss!

Best interior designers and mid-century inspirations, could this get any better? The popularity of the mid-century is based on many factors, but we can mostly say that people favor this style due to the use of clean lines, gentle organic curves and a mix of different materials! This fabulous design ebook brings you the ultimate experts of this trendy design style, regarding some of their most famous design projects and ideas!

Best Interior Designers of The World

Design Lovers Alert 🚨 7 Free Ebooks You Cannot Miss!

These special ebooks present you a complex selection of the best interior designers per city or country!

Design Lovers Alert 🚨 7 Free Ebooks You Cannot Miss!

Design Lovers Alert 🚨 7 Free Ebooks You Cannot Miss!

Latest Design Trends

Design Lovers Alert 🚨 7 Free Ebooks You Cannot Miss!

Spring has just arrived and we’re delighted to have our home project to match it! Want to do the same?

Design Lovers Alert 🚨 7 Free Ebooks You Cannot Miss!

Paris is always a good idea, such as these Paris Design Trends! Download the ebook and see how you can incorporate them on your home décor!

🚨 New Pieces

Design Lovers Alert 🚨 7 Free Ebooks You Cannot Miss!



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