Fall in Love With This Industrial Loft Design! (2)

Russian designer shows the inside and out of an industrial style project!

The redevelopment of this industrial building into an industrial loft design was meant for an artist and it combines the best of both worlds. A living area and a workshop. This industrial interior loft is a wonder for sore eyes. Certainly an interior design project you can’t miss!

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Fall in Love With This Industrial Loft Design! 1

The interior designer of this industrial interior design, Anastasia Shabelskaya is based on Saint Petersburg, Russia. The redevelopment of the industrial building occurred and the purpose of the project was to have a combination of spaces: a living area and a  working area.


Fall in Love With This Industrial Loft Design! 2

The open floor plan that the interior of the building offers, makes the room inviting and stylish. The working area presents a whole lot of an industrial feeling, with the exposed brick walls taking over the room, the big windows and industrial pendant lights giving the final touch.

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Once in the living area of the industrial loft, you will fall in love with the kitchen. The industrial style kitchen is so superb and full of the new romantic style that you can’t help but be a bit in love. The exposed pipes give the room a modern touch while the industrial style lighting makes the room have a rustic and hopeful aura.

Fall in Love With This Industrial Loft Design! 5

The living room design screams of industrial feeling. The industrial colours are in full mode and the chosen furniture makes the room even better.

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Fall in Love With This Industrial Loft Design! (1)

The bedroom decor is so appealing and luxurious. The open ceiling with glass windows is just an amazing detail that makes the industrial bedroom furniture is a must.

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