Industrial Style Design in This Amazing Loft Recreation

With this industrial loft, you’ll find the right inspiration to your industrial decor! Don’t miss it!

This week, we’re going to bring you a breath of fresh air into your industrial style design.  To make your industrial interior decor even more glamorous and stylish than it already is, today’s interior design project is full of wonderful elements you can bring into your home decor!

Feeling curious? Come and take a look!

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Industrial Style Design in This Amazing Loft Recreation 1

Denis Krasikov is the key designer of this industrial style loft. Co-founder of Cartelle Design, this interior designer has been around for quite some time bringing us some of the most individual interior design projects. Industrial Loft 2 is the name of the industrial interior design project we’re about to show you. Filled with incredible industrial interior elements, you’ll surely love it.


Industrial Style Design in This Amazing Loft Recreation 5

The interior designer is based in Russian, Saint Petersburg. The industrial style loft was made in 2016. The industrial interior decor includes the big windows that let the natural light sink into the kitchen and living room. The concrete walls make the industrial kitchen design have the rustic taste and the urban charm.

Industrial Style Design in This Amazing Loft Recreation 2

The open floor plan of the loft makes the room feel like a whole without being too much. Each individual space has its own personality and the elements of industrial home decor are all around. The exposed pillars create the sense that the kitchen is in another zone while still being a part of the whole. One of the key elements in this loft decor is the modern pendant lighting design present in the dining room. Filling the space with amazing light and giving it the industrial touch what this dining room lighting work is the rest of the decor present in the whole loft. The Duke ceiling lamp by DelightFULL is perfect for every scenario.

Industrial Style Design in This Amazing Loft Recreation 3

The industrial living room gives us a relaxing aura that makes us jump in the mid-century furniture present in the room. Seemingly comfortable, the gold, metal details give the room the golden glow that it deserves.


Industrial Style Design in This Amazing Loft Recreation 4

If you’re looking for a bit of reading time or for a reading nook this is the perfect place. With an industrial tripod floor lampthe big windows, natural light coming through the living room decor and wooden floor, this is everything we’ve been looking for.

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