Charles Chandelier is one of DelightFULL’s pieces, and it is absolutely dazzling! The perfect piece to display in your modern mid-century living room décor!

DelightFULL is one of the most international well known mid-century lighting brans, and it isn’t hard to understand why. The lighting designs have a special purpose, and each one is a tribute to a great jazz icon. Continue scrolling and see what is Charles Suspension Lamp ‘s inspiration! Any guess?

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The Inspiration

Go Back To The Fifties With Charles Chandelier! 2

Drum Rolls … and the right answer is Ray Charles! If you nailed this, here is a special treat for you: a travel in time with Charles Chandelier. You’ll be able to get to know a little bit more about this jazz icon, and also read some tips of how to rock this contemporary chandelier with style!

Ray Charles

Go Back To The Fifties With Charles Chandelier! 1

Well, Ray Charles doesn’t need any presentations at all due to his legacy. However, perhaps you do not know some curiosities Vintage Industrial Style’s Blog found out and that is about to tell you!

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Ray Charles was known as the “The Genius” due to his successful career: he was an American song writer, composer and singer.

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Although, this was not his only nickname, he was known as the “Brother Ray” by his family and group of friends.
Ray Charles was blind from the age of seven but being blind did not stop his success or the hard work and endurance it took to obtain it . Ray Charles was married twice, and the father of twelve children with ten different women. It becomes obvious that Ray Charles was his own and biggest influence, yet he cited Nat King Cole as a primary influence, but his music was also influenced by jazz, blues, rhythm and blues, and country artists of the day, including Art Tatum, Louis Jordan, Charles Brown and Louis Armstrong.

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Playing chess became a favorite pastime for Ray Charles and being blind he used a special board with raised squares and holes for the pieces. In a 1991 concert, he referred to Willie Nelson as “my chess partner” and in 2002, Charles played and lost to American Grandmaster (chess) and former U.S. Champion Larry Evans.

Charles Chandelier

It is great to see a contemporary chandelier with so much presence and character! The little wholes on the shade screams mid-century design.

It is already known that all the pieces from DelightFULL are handmade, and this characteristic gives clients the opportunity to customize their pieces and turn them unique. This chandelier has 20 lampshades, all of them handmade in brass, with perforated details on the top.

Like it was said before, this beautiful contemporary lighting piece is handmade and customizable. You are able to choose between a wide range of finishes and colors.

Choose a different height for your chandelier and put it, for example, in your hall’s stairs. Insider Tip: If you chose more than a layer, it is going to be the center of attention!

You can also choose as many shades as you need. You just need to contact the team and talk with the brand ambassador of your market. And, yes, you’ll be closer to have your own Charles!

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