Friday means What is Hot on Pinterest! This week, we are going to see the top choices of Pinterest’s users regarding living room chandeliers! Continue scrolling and keep yourself up-dated!

Living Room Chandeliers have an important role, or should we say – the most important one – on our living room décor. It is not only about aesthetics, but we are also talking about functionality and the amount of lighting we need. Having the a suitable lighting fixture will totally make a huge impact in our modern living room.

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When we are talking about suspension chandeliers, we are not talking only about those retro chandeliers our grandmothers used to have  on their houses. We are talking about a different variety of styles that will fit all the living room designs, and most importantly, tastes! However, we have to take into consideration that mid-century lighting, Scandinavian design, and a gold light finish are the top trends when we are referring to lighting pieces.

What Is Hot On Pinterest Living Room Chandeliers 1

Industrial Lighting Design is one of the favorites! This industrial chandelier has a retro look, and observe how it is possible to rock with this kind of lighting fixture, and still achieve an elegant décor!

What Is Hot On Pinterest Living Room Chandeliers 3

Once again, industrial style is the big winner. In this case, in a different ambiance. Usually, pale colors and shades of grey are associated with these kind of chandeliers, however this dark living room décor, is very inspiring!

What Is Hot On Pinterest Living Room Chandeliers 2

Suspension industrial style lamp, with big shades and silver or aged brass finishes are, once again, one of the latest design trends! And f you are a design lover, we know that you are killing yourself to have this kind of living room display!

What Is Hot On Pinterest Living Room Chandeliers 4

These chandeliers look like they are unfinished and a little bit rusty, however that is the main goal! Retro and vintage lighting pieces are one of the biggest hits of 2018, and they are here to stay.

What Is Hot On Pinterest Living Room Chandeliers 5

This mid-century chandelier is, without any kind of doubts, the center of attention, of this modern dining room. And we have great news for you! You’ll be able to get the look with one of DelightFULL’s lamps!What Is Hot On Pinterest Living Room Chandeliers 1 3



Dorsey Suspension Lamp was inspired by the acclaimed jazz trumpet player Tommy Dorsey, this mid-century modern chandelier is a unique lighting fixture that embodies the musicality of the 1950s.

Allying the best of ancient techniques with the modern expertise of high- craftsmanship, Dorsey is a handmade brass chandelier, with aluminum lamp shades.

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